AIIMS Bhopal Staff Nurse Question Paper 2016 and Answer Key

All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Bhopal Staff Nurse Question Paper & Answer Keys 2016 Download 

AIIMS Bhopal Staff Nurse Question Paper 2016

Q.1) Mozilla firefox is a:

(A) Utility program

(B) Anti-plagiarizing program

(C) Internet browser

(D) Operating system


Correct Answer: Internet browser


Q.2) Find the opposite of the key word Camouflage:

(A) Acknowledge

(B) Ambush

(C) Disguise

(D) Divulge


Correct Answer: Divulge



Q.3)  The most widely use OS for mobile phones developed by Google is:

(A) Ubuntu

(B) Magellan

(C) Amoeba

(D) Android

Correct Answer: Android



Q.4) Find the meaning of the underlined idiom. I know all the “ins and outs” of this job

(A) Importance

(B) Usefulness

(C) Difficulties

(D) Details


Correct Answer: Details



Q.5) Find one word for the given group of words Lion and tiger

(A) Carnivore

(B) Insectivore

(C) Herbivore

(D) Ominvore

Correct Answer: Carnivore



Q.6) Who is elected as the new chief minister of Gujarat in August 2016?

(A) Amit Shah

(B) Anandiben Patel

(C) Nitin Patel

(D) Vijay Rupani

Correct Answer: Vijay Rupani



Q.7) Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the key word Manoeuvre:

(A) Manipulate

(B) Move

(C) Exercise

(D) Act

Correct Answer: Move



Q.8) Dengue fever is caused by bite of which mosquitoes?

(A) Culex

(B) Anopheles

(C) Man Sonia

(D) Aedes


Correct Answer: Man Sonia



Q.9) ALU in the computer system stands for:

(A) Application logic unit

(B) Array logic unit

(C) Arithmetic and logic unit

(D) Alternative logic unit

Correct Answer: Arithmetic and logic unit



Q.10) Who created history by winning record-breaking 23’d gold medal of Olympics history at Rio olympics 2016?

(A) Carl Lewis

(B) Mark spitz

(C) Usain Bolt

(D) Michael Phelps

Correct Answer: Michael Phelps



Q.11) Chemical coagulant used to treat raw river water is:

(A) Alum

(B) Sodium chloride

(C) Chlorine

(D) Potassium permagnate

Correct Answer: Alum



Q.12) MS-DOS is an Operating system that has:

(A) Command line interface

(B) Option for Mobile devices

(C) Graphical user interface

(D) Open source origin

Correct Answer: Command line interface



Q.13) Which of the following is the correct sequence of the smallest to the largest unit of storage size (read from left to right)?

(A) Mega-tera-giga-kilo-peta

(B) Kilo-mega-giga-tera-peta

(C) Kilo-mega-giga-peta-tera

(D) Kilo-mega-peta-tera-gign

Correct Answer: Kilo-mega-giga-tera-peta



Q.14) The normal composition of oxygen in the environment is:

(A) 40%

(B) 30.93%

(C) 20.93%

(D) 50%

Correct Answer: 20.93%



Q.15) If clock of Delhi displays 1:00 PM then at same time clock of Dubai will display

(A) 2:00 PM

(B) 12:00 PM

(C) 11:30 AM

(D) 10:30 AM

Correct Answer: 11:30 AM



Q.16) How many stores will be opened up during 2016-17 under Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojana as per union budget for the year 2016-17?

(A) 3000

(B) 2000

(C) 4000

(D) 1000

Correct Answer: 3000



Q.17) In the following question find the word which means the same as the given group of words. “Period of one thousand years”

(A) Decade

(B) Century

(C) Centenary

(D) Millennium

Correct Answer: Millennium



Q.18) Which of the following is not a characteristic of safe and wholesome water?

(A) Free from chemicals

(B) Free from pathogens

(C) Pleasant to taste

(D) Rich in iron content

Correct Answer: Rich in iron content



Q.19) Indira awaas yojna is meant for which population?

(A) Semi-urban

(B) Rural

(C) Urban and Rural

(D) Urban

Correct Answer: Rural



Q.20) “Dumhal” Dance is performed in the state of India

(A) Jammu & Kashmir

(B) Punjab

(C) Assam

(D) Gujarat

Correct Answer: Jammu & Kashmir



Q.21) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a social group?

(A) We-feeling

(B) Similar ethnic background

(C) Reciprocal relationship

(D) Common interest

Correct Answer: Reciprocal relationship



Q.22) The umbilical cord contains:

(A) Two arteries and one vein

(B) One artery and one vein

(C) Two arteries and two veins

(D) One artery and two veins

Correct Answer: Two arteries and one vein



Q.23) Man is a social animal-Who said this?

(A) Cristo

(B) Spencer

(C) Pluto

(D) Aristotle

Correct Answer: Aristotle




Q.24) Enuresis means:

(A) Loss of the control of urine

(B) Breast holding

(C) Loss of control of stool

(D) Loss of control of vomit

Correct Answer: Loss of the control of urine



Q.25) Principle of effective leadership is least likely to involve:

(A) One group commanded by one leader

(B) One group should always have an objective

(C) Accountability is delegated to the members of term

(D) Patient first policy is applied

Correct Answer: Accountability is delegated to the members of term



Q.26) Which of the following are inventory control methods?

(A) HDL analysis, FED analysis

(B) DRF analysis, DEL analysis

(C) ABC analysis, VED analysis

(D) FED analysis, LDL analysis

Correct Answer: ABC analysis, VED analysis



Q.27) The ability of human body to protect itself from pathogens is known as:

(A) Secretions of hormones

(B) Hypersensitivity

(C) Locomotion

(D) Immunity

Correct Answer: Immunity



Q.28) Which of the following is fourth cranial nerve?

(A) Abducens

(B) Trochlear

(C) Trigeminal

(D) Facial

Correct Answer: Trochlear



Q.29) The major portion of calcium is found in which part of body?

(A) Blood

(B) Heart

(C) Muscle

(D) Bone

Correct Answer: Bone



Q.30) The first aid treatment for choking is:

(A) Call for ambulance

(B) Give something to drink

(C) Try to remove the object with your fingers

(D) Give five sharp back blows between shoulder blades

Correct Answer: Give five sharp back blows between shoulder blades



Q.31) The power which is exercised because of appointment to a higher position is referred as

(A) Exclusive power

(B) Expert power

(C) Reward power

(D) Referent power

Correct Answer: Exclusive power



Q.32) The nurse is assessing a patient’s abdomen-which examination technique should the nurse use first?

(A) Inspection

(B) Auscultation

(C) Percussion

(D) Palpation

Correct Answer: Inspection



Q.33) How many ANC visits on a minimum should be recommended for an ANC mother?

(A) 6 visits

(B) 1 visit

(C) 4 visits

(D) 5 visits

Correct Answer: 4 visits



Q.34) A group of people organized for particular purpose is known as?

(A) Community

(B) Institution

(C) Society

(D) Association

Correct Answer: Association



Q.35) What name did Freud give to his model of development which comprise id, ego and superego?

(A) Genetic model

(B) Unconscious model

(C) Topographical model

(D) Structural model

Correct Answer: Structural model



Q.36) Which of the following is the element of difference between community and society?

(A) Definitive locality

(B) A group of persons

(C) Sentiment of oneness

(D) Likeness of interest

Correct Answer: Definitive locality



Q.37) If a person has an object implanted in his hand, the first aider must:

(A) Only break the object if it hinders the transportation

(B) Break the object form where it is visible

(C) Immobilize the object using sterile pad

(D) Try to remove the object by pulling it

Correct Answer: Immobilize the object using sterile pad



Q.38) What does a society exclude?

(A) Time boundless

(B) Differences

(C) Reciprocity

(D) Interdependence

Correct Answer: Time boundless



Q.39) Which committee was set up to see the general condition nurse?

(A) High power committee

(B) Bhore committee

(C) Mudaliar committee

(D) Mukherjee committee

Correct Answer: High power committee



Q.40) What is the approx. total population of India as per provisional data 2011 census?

(A) 121 crore

(B) 150 crore

(C) 160 crore

(D) 180 crore

Correct Answer: 121 crore



Q.41) Which of the following is the purpose of hand washing?

(A) To provide comfort

(B) To prevent cross infection

(C) To have aesthetic feeling

(D) To promote circulation in the hand

Correct Answer: To prevent cross infection



Q.42) Anxiety is caused by:

(A) Hostility turned to self

(B) Masked depression

(C) An objective threat

(D) A subjective, perceived threat

Correct Answer: A subjective, perceived threat



Q.43) What is hyperemesis gravidraum?

(A) Food craving

(B) Excessive vomiting

(C) Morning sickness

(D) Lethargy

Correct Answer: Excessive vomiting



Q.44) Immediate first aid treatment for dog bite is:

(A) Suture the big wound

(B) Cover with dressing

(C) Wash with soap and water for 15 minutes

(D) Apply antiseptic lotion

Correct Answer: Wash with soap and water for 15 minutes



Q.45) Dissemination of research can be done by following methods Except:

(A) Oral presentation

(B) Publication in scientific journal

(C) Poster presentation

(D) Information discussion

Correct Answer: Information discussion



Q.46) The ratio of cardiac compression and artificial breathing is:

(A) 60:6

(B) 15:2

(C) 30:2

(D) 12:3

Correct Answer: 30:2



Q.47) The color used for tagging a dead body is:

(A) Yellow

(B) Black

(C) Red

(D) Green

Correct Answer: Black



Q.48) The definition of health by WHO ncludes all Except:

(A) Mental

(B) Physical

(C) Reproductive

(D) Social

Correct Answer: Reproductive



Q.49) The neural tube defect among newborn can be prevented by providing:

(A) Folic acid to the mother in first trimester

(B) Vitamin K to the mother in first trimester

(C) Iron and folic acid throughout pregnancy

(D) Iron to the mother in 3rd trimester

Correct Answer: Folic acid to the mother in first trimester



Q.50) Which of the health education agency is at national level

(A) Press Information Bureau

(B) Central Health education bureau (CHEB)

(C) Doordarshan

(D) IEC Bureau

Correct Answer: Central Health education bureau (CHEB)



Q.51) An anganwadi worker caters to what size of populations

(A) One thousand

(B) One million

(C) One hundred

(D) One lakh

Correct Answer: One thousand



Q.52) Which is NOT the responsibility of head nurse/ward in charge?

(A) Preparing patients bill

(B) Delegation

(C) Nurses assignment

(D) Patient care

Correct Answer: Preparing patients bill



Q.53) Secondary level of prevention of disease includes:

(A) Early diagnosis and treatment

(B) Rehabilitation and disability limitation

(C) Specific protection and screening

(D) Screening and immunization

Correct Answer: Early diagnosis and treatment



Q.54) What is the normal blood cholesterol level?

(A) 500-100 mg/dl

(B) More than 200 mg/dl.

(C) Less than 200 mg/dl

(D) 1000-15 mg/dl

Correct Answer: Less than 200 mg/dl



Q.55) Attributes of good leader involves which of the following

(A) Aware of members’ strengths and weaknesses

(B) Suppresses the voice of dissent

(C) Don’t hold accountability for wrong doings

(D) Not sure about his/her skills

Correct Answer: Aware of members’ strengths and weaknesses




Q.56) Hallucination is a

(A) Misinterpretation of real external stimuli

(B) Perception without stimuli

(C) Clear perception of stimuli

(D) Wrong perception of stimuli

Correct Answer: Perception without stimuli



Q.57) A muscular pouch-like sac that lies slightly to the left of abdomen to store food temporarily is known as:

(A) Stomach

(B) Urinary bladder

(C) Gallbladder

(D) Lungs

Correct Answer: Stomach



Q.58) What are the professional ethics?

(A) Code of professional ethics are not often established to guide

(B) Professionally accepted standards are not present

(C) Standards of personal & business behavior, values, & guiding principles

(D) Not performing their job functions

Correct Answer: Standards of personal & business behavior, values, & guiding principles



Q.59) Nursing profession can only be practiced after

(A) Approval

(B) Valuation

(C) Licensure

(D) Accreditation


Correct Answer: Licensure




Q.60) Which one of the following helps to reduce anxiety and post operative pain?

(A) Rest and sleep

(B) Psychological counseling

(C) Pre-operative teaching

(D) Pre-operative checklist

Correct Answer: Pre-operative teaching



Q.61) How many calories are provided by 1 gram of protein?

(A) 8

(B) 10

(C) 4

(D) 6

Correct Answer: 4



Q.62) Exogamy is defined as:

(A) Compassionate marriages

(B) Marriages outside a group

(C) Experimental marriages

(D) Marriages within the group

Correct Answer: Marriages outside a group



Q.63) What are NOT the misconception related to mental health?

(A) It is possible to prevent mental health illness

(B) Mental problems do not affect health

(C) People with mental health problems are violent and unpredictable

(D) Children do not experience mental health problems

Correct Answer: It is possible to prevent mental health illness



Q.64) With respect to the daily calorie requirement for a normal ing the contribution via carbohydrate should be:

(A) 40-50% of total requirement

(B) 50-70% of total daily requirement

(C) 80-90% of total daily requirement

(D) 90-100% of total requirement

Correct Answer: 50-70% of total daily requirement



Q.65) Displacement, substitution and projection and examples of which of the following?

(A) Psychosocial stage of development

(B) Defense mechanism

(C) Psychosexual stage of development

(D) Neurotic need

Correct Answer: Defense mechanism



Q.66) Which is a unit of care in practice of community health nursing?

(A) Individual

(B) Family

(C) Community

(D) Significant others

Correct Answer: Family



Q.67) Which of the following is NOT a method of patient assignment?

(A) Functional method

(B) Team nursing

(C) Patient assignment

(D) Duty roster methods

Correct Answer: Duty roster methods



Q.68) Which of the following are fat soluble vitamins?

(A) A, B, C, D

(B) B, E, C,K

(C) A, D, B, C

(D) A, D, K, E

Correct Answer: A, D, K, E



Q.69) Which of the following is NOT an important element in physical environment surrounding a job that can affect motivation?

(A) Plant and animal in the environment

(B) Lighting

(C) Noise

(D) Temperature

Correct Answer: Plant and animal in the environment



Q.70) Which of the following is measure of central tendency?

(A) Mean

(B) Range

(C) Standard deviation

(D) Ratio

Correct Answer: Mean



Q.71) Normal duration for involution of uterus is:

(A) 6 weeks

(B) 2 weeks

(C) 1 month

(D) 2 months

Correct Answer: 6 weeks



Q.72) Validity of a tool refers to:

(A) Feasibility

(B) Consistency

(C) Accuracy

(D) Acceptability

Correct Answer: Accuracy



Q.73) Cancer of cervix is caused by:

(A) Human immunodeficiency virus

(B) Human diploid virus

(C) Human papilloma virus

(D) Rota virus

Correct Answer: Human papilloma virus



Q.74) Culture has importance for the group because

(A) It provides stability to the group

(B) It satisfies human needs of food and shelter

(C) It marks off one group from another

(D) It keeps social relationship intact

Correct Answer: It marks off one group from another



Q.75) Which of the following gland secretes hormone to maintain normal metabolic rate of the body?

(A) Testes

(B) Pancreas

(C) Adrenal

(D) Thyroid gland

Correct Answer: Thyroid gland



Q.76) Which of the following statement is not true?

(A) Family is a system of relationship between parents and children

(B) Family is a group of person who are related to each other by religion

(C) Family is a biological unit

(D) Family is a group defined by social relationship

Correct Answer: Family is a group of person who are related to each other by religion



Q.77) Total number of deciduous teeth in children are:

(A) 16

(B) 14

(C) 12

(D) 20

Correct Answer: 20



Q.78) Norms in sociology indicates:

(A) Ethical ideas of society

(B) Tendency of human being to move up

(C) Normal standards of social behavior

(D) Standardized generalization about normally expected modes of behavior

Correct Answer: Standardized generalization about normally expected modes of behavior



Q.79) Communication process includes

(A) Message, messenger, channel

(B) Communicator, environment feedback

(C) Communicator, message, channel, receiver, feedback

(D) Communicator, receiver, feedback\

Correct Answer: Communicator, message, channel, receiver, feedback



Q.80) What is the dose of vitamin A for an infant at nine months of age?

(A) 4 lakh IU

(B) 3 lakh IU

(C) 2 lakh IU

(D) 1 lakh IU;

Correct Answer: 1 lakh IU;



Q.81) Sample in research is referred as:

(A) Representative of population

(B) High risk study subjects

(C) High risk population

(D) Population living in a defined area

Correct Answer: Representative of population



Q.82) Telling the truth is a practice of which ethical principle?

(A) Non-maleficence

(B) Justice

(C) Beneficence

(D) Veracity

Correct Answer: Veracity



Q.83) The tools used for data collection are:

(A) Experimental, non-experimental

(B) Participant observation, information booklet

(C) Survey, observation check list

(D) Questionnaire, interview schedule, observation checklist;

Correct Answer: Questionnaire, interview schedule, observation checklist;



Q.84) What immediate nursing intervention will you take in case of blood transfusion reaction?

(A) Monitor vital signs

(B) Inform blood bank

(C) Inform the physician

(D) Stop the transfusion immediately and monitor vital signs

Correct Answer: Stop the transfusion immediately and monitor vital signs



Q.85) The pacemaker of heart is:

(A) Purkinje fibers

(B) Bundle of his

(C) SA node

(D) AV node

Correct Answer: SA node



Q.86) Absence of breathing is known as:

(A) Eupnea

(B) Apnea

(C) Tachypnea

(D) Bradypnea

Correct Answer: Apnea



Q.87) What are the signs of shock?

(A) Lethargy and slow pulse rate

(B) Cold clammy skin, unconsciousness and rapid pulse rate

(C) Rapid pulse rate and unconsciousness

(D) Sweating and forgetfulness

Correct Answer: Cold clammy skin, unconsciousness and rapid pulse rate



Q.88) Which of the following is a DNA virus?

(A) Hepatitis B

(B) Hepatitis C

(C) Hepatitis A

(D) Hepatitis D

Correct Answer: Hepatitis B



Q.89) Which position is to be provided to the patient while performing mouth care to an unconscious patient?

(A) Fowler’s position

(B) Side lying

(C) Knee chest

(D) Supine

Correct Answer: Side lying



Q.90) What are the trends in psychiatric nursing?

(A) Practice of nursing in new and emerging role

(B) Dilemmas in care

(C) Custodial care

(D) Certificate program for graduate and experienced nurses

Correct Answer: Custodial care



Q.91) Which of the following is a significant component of pain assessment?

(A) Intensity

(B) Cause

(C) Causing factor

(D) Effect

Correct Answer: Intensity



Q.92) The signs of severe dehydration among infants are

(A) Drowsiness, depressed fontanels and decreased skin turgor

(B) Anxiety and increased skin turgor

(C) Drowsiness, bulging fontanels and decreased skin

(D) Excessive crying and excessive thirst

Correct Answer: Drowsiness, depressed fontanels and decreased skin turgor



Q.93) Skin is a part of which system in the body?

(A) Endocrine

(B) Integumentary

(C) Respiratory

(D) Circulatory

Correct Answer: Integumentary



Q.94) The strategy adopted to ensure quality nursing care statutory body is:

(A) Accreditation

(B) Re-registration

(C) Licensure & registration

(D) Licensure

Correct Answer: Licensure & registration



Q.95) Most common strain of E.coli giving rise to traveler diarrhea is:

(A) Entero-pathogenic

(B) Entero-toxigenic

(C) Entero-aggregative

(D) Entero-invasive

Correct Answer: Entero-toxigenic



Q.96) Down syndrome among newborn is due to:

(A) Chromosomal error

(B) Nutritional deficiency

(C) ABO incompatibility

(D) Inborn error of metabolism

Correct Answer: Chromosomal error



Q.97) The difference between oral and axillary temperature is:

(A) 1 degree celsius

(B) 1.6 degree celsius

(C) 0.6 degree celsius

(D) 3 degree celsius

Correct Answer: 0.6 degree celsius



Q.98) While documenting the high pulse rate of a patient, nurse must document it as?

(A) Tachycardia

(B) Hyperpyrexia

(C) Arrhythmia

(D) Tachypnea

Correct Answer: Tachycardia



Q.99) The number of pulse beats per minute is known as:

(A) Tension

(B) Rhythm

(C) Rate

(D) Volume

Correct Answer: Rate



Q.100) Which of the following is the best answer to practice leadership?

(A) Laissez faire

(B) Transactional leadership

(C) Democratic leadership

(D) Autocratic leadership

Correct Answer: Transactional leadership



Q.101) Which of the following factors leads to growth of cities:

(A) Industrialization

(B) Housing facility

(C) Fertility of land

(D) Natural calamities

Correct Answer: Industrialization



Q.102) Which safety measure will you take for a drowsy Patient?

(A) Keep the side rails up

(B) Keep unnecessary furniture away

(C) Keep the lights on

(D) Keep extra linen at bedside

Correct Answer: Keep the side rails up



Q.103) The nurse act as an advocate when she does one following

(A) She postpones the physical assessment until the client is calm

(B) She encourages the client to express feelings

(C) She assesses the client for injury

(D) Ask the relatives to give their consent instead of patient

Correct Answer: Ask the relatives to give their consent instead of patient



Q.104) The thermoregulation center is located at

(A) Hypothalamus

(B) cerebrum

(C) Pituitary

(D) Medulla

Correct Answer: Hypothalamus



Q.105) While performing oral hygiene to the unconscious, which additional article should be kept in the mouth care tray?

(A) Disposable spatula

(B) Laryngoscope

(C) Mouth gag

(D) Artery forceps

Correct Answer: Mouth gag



Q.106) Which of the following is not a type of communication?

(A) Verbal & Non-verbal

(B) Message

(C) Socratic

(D) telecommunication & internet

Correct Answer: Message



Q.107) When you come across a person lying unresponsive on the road, your first action should be to?

(A) Make the person to lie on one side

(B) Call an ambulance and start CPR

(C) Make the person to sit

(D) Leave the person to wake up by himself

Correct Answer: Call an ambulance and start CPR



Q.108) The best method for assessing respiration in a non-responsive person is:

(A) Put hand in front of nose

(B) Look listen and feel

(C) Put the hand on the chest

(D) Hear heartbeat

Correct Answer: Look listen and feel



Q.109) The highest level of need in Maslow’s hierarchy is:

(A) Self-esteem

(B) Physiological

(C) Self-actualization

(D) Safety

Correct Answer: Self-actualization



Q.110) What is true regarding H. pylori infection?

(A) Bacteria

(B) Toxin producing microbe

(C) Rota virus

(D) Immunoglobulin

Correct Answer: Bacteria



Q.111) Which of the following food stuff is a good source of protein?

(A) Milk and milk products

(B) Green leafy vegetables

(C) Fruits

(D) Cereals

Correct Answer: Milk and milk products



Q.112) Which of the following techniques is used in psychotherapy?

(A) Narcotic need

(B) Projective

(C) Electroconvulsive therapy

(D) Dream analysis

Correct Answer: Dream analysis



Q.113) Exchange of gases takes place in which part of the body?

(A) Liver

(B) Kidney

(C) Lung

(D) Heart

Correct Answer: Lung



Q.114) Duration of 3rd stage of labour is:

(A) 30-45 minutes

(B) 1 hour

(C) 12 hours

(D) 1.5 hours

Correct Answer: 30-45 minutes



Q.115) Which of the following are not approaches of health education?

(A) Incentive approach

(B) Service approach

(C) Education approach

(D) Regulatory approach

Correct Answer: Incentive approach



Q.116) The significant sign of pyloric stenosis is:

(A) Frequent vomiting

(B) Projectile vomiting

(C) Blood in vomit

(D) Bile in the vomit

Correct Answer: Projectile vomiting



Q.117) Which statutory body is responsible for ensuring the standards of nursing education in India?

(A) Indian Nursing Council


(C) State Nursing Council

(D) University Grants Commission

Correct Answer: Indian Nursing Council



Q.118) Who is revered as the founder of modern nursing?

(A) Betty Newman

(B) Jean Watson

(C) Florence Nightingale

(D) Virginia Henderson

Correct Answer: Florence Nightingale



Q.119) Which one of the following is not a feature of health education?

(A) Knowledge and skill acquired actively

(B) Aims at impulsive actions

(C) Disciplines primitive desire

(D) Develop self-expression

Correct Answer: Aims at impulsive actions



Q.120) Helper cells belong to

(A) Macrocytic

(B) Macrophages

(C) T cells

(D) B cells

Correct Answer: T cells

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