AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Question Paper & Answer Key 2018 Pdf Download

AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Question Paper and Answer Key 2018


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Q.1. A chronic alcoholic patient blames his family environment for his alcoholism; which of the following defense mechanism was used by the patient?

  1. Denial
  2. Projection
  3. Rationalization
  4. Sublimation

Correct Answer: Rationalization



Q.2. Moro reflex disappears at which age

  1. 1-2 months
  2. 4-6 months
  3. 6-9 months
  4. 9-12 months

Correct Answer: 4-6 months



Q.3. Minimum scrubbing time for surgical handwash?

  1. I min
  2. 2min
  3. 3min
  4. 5 min

Correct Answer: 5 min



Q.4. Which drug is used for prophylaxis of manic-depressive disorder?

  1. lithium
  2. Valproate
  3. Haloperidol
  4. Phenytoin

Correct Answer: lithium



Q.5. Which electrolyte has to be maintained in lithium therapy?

  1. Sodium
  2. Potassium
  3. Calcium
  4. Magnesium

Correct Answer: Sodium



Q.6. Highly heat resistance vaccine is

  1. BCG
  2. MMR
  3. OPV
  4. TT

Correct Answer: TT



Q.7. Which drug is RELATIVELY Contraindicated in breast feeding-

  1. Propranolol
  2. Sulfonylurea
  3. Cephalosporine
  4. Zidovudine

Correct Answer: Sulfonylurea



Q.8. Most Common site for central

  1. Internal jugular vein
  2. Femoral vein
  3. Radial vein
  4. Biracial vein flushing PICC?

Correct Answer: Internal jugular vein



Q.9. Which Syringe is used for line catheterization?

  1. 1 ml.
  2. 2ml.
  3. 3ml.
  4. 5 ml.

Correct Answer: 5 ml.



Q.10. Delirium tremens are withdrawal symptoms of-

  1. Alcoholism
  2. Cocaine
  3. Opioid
  4. Cannabis

Correct Answer: Alcoholism



Q.11. Common complication after perforation of appendix?

  1. Peritonitis
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. Intestinal obstruction
  4. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Correct Answer: Peritonitis



Q.12. Tuft of hair are seen in which type of neural tube defect?

  1. Spina bifida occulta
  2. Spina bifida Cystica
  3. Enterocele
  4. Hydrocephalus

Correct Answer: Spina bifida occulta



Q.13. Which of the following electrolyte imbalance is associated with Digoxin toxicity?

  1. Hypokalemia
  2. Hypernatremia
  3. Hypernatremia
  4. Hypocalcemia

Correct Answer: Hypokalemia



Q.14. Route of administration of Rota vaccine

  1. Oral
  2. IM
  3. IV
  4. Subcutaneous

Correct Answer: Oral



Q.15. Whitish discharge from vagina is seen in-

  1. Trichomoniasis
  2. Syphilis
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Candidiasis

Correct Answer: Candidiasis



Q.16. Coarse Rattling sound in large airway?

  1. Stridor
  2. Rhonchi
  3. Inspiratory gasp
  4. Pleural friction rub

Correct Answer: Rhonchi



Q.17. Red color urine is seen in which antitubercular drug?

  1. Rifampicin
  2. Ethambutol
  3. Isoniazid
  4. Streptomycin

Correct Answer: Rifampicin



Q.18. Complication associated with massive blood transfusion is

  1. Hypokalemia and hypercalcemia
  2. Hyponatremia
  3. Hypernatremia
  4. Hyperkalemia and Hypocalcemia

Correct Answer: Hyperkalemia and Hypocalcemia



Q.19. Ramsay Scale is used for the assessment of

  1. Anxious Patient.
  2. Sedation
  3. Arousal
  4. Pain

Correct Answer: Sedation



Q.20. Breast milk can be stored at room temperature for how many hours?

  1. 2 hrs
  2. 4 hrs
  3. 6 hrs
  4. 8 hrs

Correct Answer: 4 hrs



Q.21. If LMP is 25 June, 2018, then what is the EDD?

  1. 1 April, 2019
  2. 4 April, 2019
  3. 2 March, 2019
  4. 4 March, 2019

Correct Answer: 1 April, 2019



Q.22. After a road traffic accident which cannula is used for fluid replacement in casualty for an adult patient?

  1. Orange
  2. Purple
  3. Green
  4. Gray

Correct Answer: Green



Q.23. Oxygen flow rate of Nasal cannula?

  1. 1-4 liter
  2. 5-8 liter
  3. 1-8 liter
  4. 1-3 liter

Correct Answer: 1-4 liter



Q.24. Chromic catgut absorption time of chromic catgut suture –

  1. 7 days
  2. 14 days
  3. 21 days
  4. 90 days

Correct Answer: 90 days


Q.25. In laparoscopy procedures gases is used for inflation abdominal wall is

  1. Nitrous oxide
  2. Oxygen
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Helium

Correct Answer: Carbon Dioxide


Q.26. Which of the following is not an input device in a computer?

  1. Mouse.
  2. Keyboard
  3. Scanner.
  4. Printer

Correct Answer: Printer


Q.27. Bishops score is used for?

  1. Induction of labor
  2. Fetal wellbeing
  3. Progress of labor
  4. Fetal Monitoring

Correct Answer: Induction of labor


  1. 28.In a primigravida mother, engagement approximately occurs at of gestation
  2. 30-32 weeks
  3. 32-34 weeks
  4. 34-36 weeks
  5. 38-40 weeks

Correct Answer: 34-36 weeks



Q.29. Oral pills can cause all, except

  1. Decreased risk of ovarian cancer
  2. Decreased risk of breast cancer
  3. Increased risk of breast cancer
  4. Increased risk of cervical caner


Correct Answer: Decreased risk of breast cancer



Q.30. Select the ODD one

  1. Bed sheets
  2. Shirt
  3. Tablecloth
  4. Curtain


Correct Answer: Shirt



Q.31. Which of the following nursing action is required before giving clear liquid fluid after anesthesia?

  1. Check for bowel sound
  2. Check urine output
  3. Check weighT
  4. Check gag reflex


Correct Answer: Check the gag reflex



Q.32. Which of the following nursing action is required before giving solid food after anesthesia?

  1. Check for bowel sound and passing flatus
  2. Check urine output
  3. Check weight
  4. Check gag reflex


Correct Answer: Check for bowel sound and passing flatus



Q.33. Drug of choice for Bipolar Affective Disorder is

  1. Lithium carbonate
  2. Chlorpromazine
  3. Bupropion
  4. Benzodiazepines


Correct Answer: Lithium carbonate


Q.34. Height measurement of 2 year old child is done by

  1. Stadiometer
  2. Infantometer
  3. Goniometer
  4. Refractometer


Correct Answer: Lithium carbonate



Q.35. Current director of Delhi AIIMS?

  1. Dr. S Mishra
  2. Dr. CV Mishra
  3. Dr. RandeepGuleria
  4. J.P. Nadda


Correct Answer: Dr. RandeepGuleria


Q.36. Normal value of serum potassium is

  1. 3-5 mEq/L
  2. 5-8 mEq/L
  3. 1-3 meq/1
  4. 135-145 meq/1


Correct Answer: . 3-5 mEq/L


Q.37. Major intracellular cation is

  1. Potassium
  2. Chloride
  3. Sodium
  4. Magnesium


Correct Answer: Potassium


Q.38. Foot drop occurs due to

  1. Sciatic nerve
  2. Superficial peroneal artery
  3. Deep peroneal nerve
  4. Brachial plexus


Correct Answer: Deep peroneal nerve



Q.39. Which position is given to a patient after Mastectomy?

  1. Side line of affected side
  2. Elevate affected hand with a pillow
  3. Left lateral position
  4. Prone Position


Correct Answer: Elevate affected hand with a pillow



Q.40. Which position provided to a client after spinal anesthesia?

  1. Sim’s
  2. Supine with under head Pellow
  3. Flat
  4. High fowler


Correct Answer: Flat


Q.41. In Hypotension which fluid is provided

  1. Normal Saline
  2. Dextrose 10%
  3. NS 3%
  4. Ringer Lactate


Correct Answer: Ringer Lactate


Q.42. Which of the following that can be fatal

  1. Acute epiglottitis
  2. laryngo pneumonitis
  3. Cystic fibrosis
  4. Chronic asthma


Correct Answer: Acute epiglottitis


Q.43. ICD tube is attached to condition is a medical emergency

  1. Closed drainage
  2. Open drainage
  3. Water seal chamber
  4. Negative suction pressure


Correct Answer: Water seal chamber


Q.44. Which instruction is given to the patient while removing chest tube?

  1. Deep breath, exhale and bear down
  2. Hold breath
  3. Perform pursed lip breathing
  4. Lie down calmly


Correct Answer: Deep breath, exhale and bear down



Q.45. Most important Nursing action for fracture healing?

  1. Immobilization
  2. Calcium supplement
  3. Exercise
  4. Antibiotics


Correct Answer: Immobilization


Q.46. Which complication may be seen in burn patient?

  1. Contracture
  2. DVT
  3. Pulmonary embolism
  4. Varicose vein


Correct Answer: Contracture


Q.47. Sunder Pichai is CEO of

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. C. Apple
  4. Samsung


Correct Answer: Google


Q.48. Confirmatory Diagnostic test of multiple pregnancy is

  1. hCG
  2. Palpation.
  3. Ultrasonogram
  4. AFP


Correct Answer: Ultrasonogram



Q.49. Which of the following parameter, the nurse must observe in an infant with shock?

  1. Urine output
  2. HR
  3. Weight
  4. Respiration


Correct Answer: Urine output


Q.50. Which value of HbAlc in a Diabetic patient is indication of good control of blood sugar level-

  1. 2.5%
  2. 6.5%
  3. 8.5%
  4. 11%


Correct Answer: 6.5%


Q.51. Following plaster cast the nurse should asses first-

  1. Color of extremities
  2. Temperature
  3. Movement of toe
  4. Pallor


Correct Answer: Movement of toe



Q.52. Normal color of colostomy stoma?

  1. Pale pink
  2. Brick red
  3. Dark red
  4. Yellowish

Correct Answer: Pale pink


Q.53. Characteristic feature of pyloric stenosis?

  1. Watery diarrhea
  2. Jelly like stool
  3. Projectile vomiting
  4. Constipation


Correct Answer: Projectile vomiting




Q.54. In a 50 over cricket match, the chasing team scored 5 runs per over in the first 30 overs. Required run rate is 10 runs per over; what is the score of first team?

  1. 350
  2. 349
  3. 250
  4. 399


Correct Answer: 349


Q.55. Golden color of amniotic fluid indicates which condition?

  1. Fetal distress
  2. Post maturity
  3. Rh incompatibility
  4. IUD


Correct Answer: Rh incompatibility


Q.56. Which diagnostic test is performed for Rh incompatibility?

  1. Indirect Coomb test
  2. Direct Coomb test
  3. Hemogram
  4. Blood group


Correct Answer:  Indirect Coomb test


Q.57. Which of the following is Negative symptom of Schizo- phrenia?

  1. Delusion
  2. Anhedonia
  3. Hallucination
  4. Clang association


Correct Answer: Anhedonia



Q.58. Which of the following is Positive symptom of Schizophrenia?

  1. Stupor
  2. Apathy.
  3. Delusion
  4. Alogia


Correct Answer: Delusion


Q.59. Kegel exercise used after delivery to?

  1. Strengthening urinary muscles rectal muscles.
  2. Strengthening of abdominal muscles
  3. Subinvolution
  4. Prevent PPH


Correct Answer: Strengthening urinary muscles rectal muscles.


Q.60. Major depressive episodes are characterized by low mood for at least

  1. One week
  2. Two weeks
  3. Four weeks
  4. Eight weeks


Correct Answer: Two weeks


Q.61. Nasopharyngeal tube is used in all, except

  1. Basilar skull fracture.
  2. Oral surgery.
  3. Sedation.
  4. Prolonged seizure activity


Correct Answer: Basilar skull fracture.


Q.62. AfterVesicovaginal fistula repair, important intervention is

  1. Avoid urine collection in bladder
  2. Adequate rest
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Early ambulation


Correct Answer: Avoid urine collection in bladder



Q.63. Kwashiorkor doesn’t include

  1. Edema
  2. Decrease weight
  3. Fatty liver
  4. Change in skin and hair


Correct Answer: Decrease weight



Q.64. Normal fetal heart rate at birth in a term Newborn is

  1. 70-110
  2. 80-100
  3. 100-120
  4. 120-160


Correct Answer: 120-160


Q.65. Ascites Occurs due to

  1. Hypoalbuminemia
  2. Hyperalbuminemia
  3. Hyperkalemia
  4. Hypokalemia


Correct Answer: Hypoalbuminemia


Q.66. Which of the following drug is a skeletal muscle relaxant

  1. Ketamine
  2. Pentothal Sodium
  3. Atropine
  4. Fentanyl


Correct Answer: Pentothal Sodium



Q.67. In general anesthesia, which of the following sensation disappear at last

  1. Pupil response
  2. Consciousness
  3. Pain response
  4. Hearing


Correct Answer: Hearing


Q.68. Which surgery is used in surgical menopause?

  1. Bilateral oophorectomy
  2. Unilateral oophorectomy
  3. Bilateral tubectomy
  4. Trachelectomy

Correct Answer: Bilateral oophorectomy


Q.69. After hydatidiform mole surgery the nurse should assess.

  1. Urinary ouput
  2. hCG
  3. Vaginal discharge
  4. Biopsy result


Correct Answer: hCG


Q.70. Which of the following action is not used to prevent excessive hemorrhage in third stage of labor?

  1. Oxytocin administration
  2. Uterine massage
  3. Methergine administration
  4. Right mediolateral episiotomy


Correct Answer: Right mediolateral episiotomy



Q.71. In case of multiple delivery which action is not appropriate after birth of first baby?

  1. Methergine administration
  2. Cord clamping
  3. Oxytocin administration
  4. Episiotomy


Correct Answer: Methergine administration



Q.72. In appendicitis, pain is located in which quadrant of the abdomen

  1. Left lower quadrant
  2. Left upper quadrant
  3. Right lower quadrant
  4. Right upper quadrant


Correct Answer: Right lower quadrant


Q.73. Transfer of frustration due to not meeting goal to another person or weaker subject is known as

  1. Displacement
  2. Projection
  3. Rationalization
  4. Regression


Correct Answer: Displacement


Q.74. Laryngeal mask airway location-  

  1. Glottis
  2. Supraglottic
  3. Informalities
  4. Endotracheal


Correct Answer: Supraglottic


Q.75. A case of gangrene foot removal in OT usually scheduled

  1. At the end
  2. At the beginning
  3. As per the convenience of the surgeon
  4. As per the roll number of the day


Correct Answer: At the end


Q.76. Gaseous anesthetic is

  1. Ketamine
  2. Pentothal
  3. Isoflurane
  4. Propofol


Correct Answer: Isoflurane



Q.77. Which of the following drug is used together with other anesthetic agent?

  1. Fentanyl
  2. Atropine
  3. Phenobarbitone
  4. Phenytoin


Correct Answer: Fentanyl


Q.78. Lactation acts as a natural contraceptive in lactating mother for how many days?

  1. 42 days
  2. 60 days
  3. 75 days
  4. 90 Days


Correct Answer: 90 Days



Q.79. In a Burn patient, fluid loss occurs due to

  1. Increased capillary permeability
  2. Increased tissue perfusion
  3. Paralytic ileus and vomiting
  4. NG drainage


Correct Answer: Increased capillary permeability



Q.80. Which of the following is an indication of adequate breast- feeding in newborn?

  1. Passes urine 8 to 10 times per day
  2. Cries frequently
  3. Restless
  4. Good sucking reflex


Correct Answer: Passes urine 8 to 10 times per day



Q.81. Effluent stool consistency in ileostomy?

  1. Watery
  2. Solid
  3. Thick liquid
  4. Reddish paste


Correct Answer: Thick liquid



Q.82. Which of the following is a non-absorbable suture

  1. Polyester
  2. Vicryl
  3. Monocryl
  4. Chromic catgut


Correct Answer: Polyester



Q.83. Folic acid prevents which of the following congenital abnormalities?

  1. Neural tube defect.
  2. Congenital heart disease
  3. Down syndrome
  4. Congenital hypothyroidism


Correct Answer: Neural tube defect.



Q.84. Position of child in nose bleeding

  1. Supine
  2. Lean forward sitting
  3. Lean backward sitting
  4. Trendelenburg


Correct Answer: Lean forward sitting



Q.85. Most common cause of post-partum Hemorrhage?

  1. Retained placenta
  2. Poor maternal effort
  3. Atonic uterus
  4. Lack of skilled birth attendant


Correct Answer: Atonic uterus


Q.86. Anticoagulant present in hemogram vial?

  1. EDTA
  2. Heparin
  3. Sodium citrate
  4. Lithium heparin


Correct Answer: EDTA




Q.87. Color code of cannula used for child?

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow


Correct Answer: Yellow



Q.88. Infected and soiled dressing has to discarded in

  1. Black bag
  2. Yellow bag
  3. Red bag
  4. Blue bag


Correct Answer: Yellow bag



Q.89. Which drug is used to prevent bradycardia during surgery?

  1. Succinyl chloride
  2. Nitrous oxide
  3. Amiodarone
  4. Atropine


Correct Answer: Atropine



Q.90. Painless bleeding after 28 weeks of pregnancy is associated  with

  1. Placenta previa
  2. Hydatidiform mole
  3. Molar pregnancy
  4. Ectopic pregnancy


Correct Answer: Placenta previa



Q.91. Dexamethasone is used to treat

  1. Infection
  2. Cardiac dysrhythmia
  3. Hyperglycemia
  4. Anaphylaxis


Correct Answer: Anaphylaxis



Q.92. Disinfectant used for cleaning HIV infected blood

  1. Sodium hypochlorite
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Alcohol 70%
  4. All of the above


Correct Answer: Sodium hypochlorite



Q.93. Hospital acquired infection referred as an infection acquired after____ hrs of admission

  1. 24 hours
  2. 48 hours
  3. 72 hours
  4. After discharge


Correct Answer: 48 hours



Q.94. Which of the following food should be avoided when the patient is on MAOI

  1. Calcium rich food
  2. Tyramine containing food
  3. Gluten rich food
  4. Alanine containing food calculation in burn patients


Correct Answer: Tyramine containing food



Q.95. Parkland formula for fluid

  1. 4 ml x BSA x weight
  2. 3 ml x BSA x weight
  3. 2 ml x BSA x weight
  4. 1 ml x BSA x weight


Correct Answer: 4 ml x BSA x weight



Q.96. Simple test for varicose vein.

  1. Homan’s sign
  2. Cold calorie test
  3. Weber test
  4. Trendelenburg test


Correct Answer: Trendelenburg test



Q.97. All of the following are assessed in mental status examination, except

  1. General appearance
  2. Judgement
  3. Prejudice.
  4. Intelligence


Correct Answer: Prejudice.



Q.98. Priority nursing intervention in Guillain-Barre Syndrome is

  1. Maintenance of airway and breathing pattern
  2. Nutritional management
  3. Appropriate positioning
  4. Early mobility


Correct Answer: Maintenance of airway and breathing pattern



Q.99. To convert pressure reading from cm of water to mm of hg, the reading has to be multiplied with a factor

  1. 1.36
  2. 1.56
  3. 1.86
  4. 1.96


Correct Answer: 1.36



Q.100. Identify the disease condition in the given picture

  1. Paralytic ileus
  2. Intussusception
  3. Hirschsprung’s disease
  4. Internal hemorrhoid


Correct Answer: Hirschsprung’s disease



Q.101. Identify the type of Leopold’s maneuver given in the picture

  1. Fundal grip
  2. Pawlik grip
  3. First pelvic grip
  4. Lateral grip


Correct Answer: Pawlik grip



Q.102. Identify the stage of pressure ulcer

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3
  4. Stage 4

Correct Answer: Stage 2


Correct Answer: Stage 2

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