Important Questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Students – Nursing Foundation – MUHS

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st year Students – Nursing Foundation – MUHS

01 – Long Answer Questions

  1. Physical Examination – Methods, Purpose, and Role of a nurse in physical examination
  2. Communication – Define, Methods, Barriers, Process
  3. Fever- Types, factors affecting body temperature, cold application on the body, Hot application on the body, Nursing Management with Patient Fever
  4. Nursing Process- steps, Diagnosis, Assessment, Role of Nurse in the nursing process
  5. Blood Pressure- Define, Factors affecting blood pressure, the Role of o Nurse
  6. Records and Reports – importance, Role of Nurse
  7. Rest and sleep- Factors, Role of a Nurse to providing a safe and clean environment.
  8. Oxygen inhalation, steam inhalation, oxygen administration Nursing Management in all things
  9. Health – Define, Factors, Health brief model
  10. Pressure sore- Causes, common site, Pressure Point, How will you prevent bed sore

02 – Short Answer Questions

  1. Nursing as a profession
  2. Principle of bandaging
  3. Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs
  4. Asepsis- Medical and surgical asepsis
  5. Functions and Quality of Nurse
  6. Body mechanics
  7. Stages of grieving and nursing implication
  8. Tube Feeding, Nasogastric tube feeding
  9. Health care team, Health illness continuum
  10. Comfort devices and its types, safety device
  11. Care of dying patient
  12. Principle and route of drug administration, Five rights for drug administration.
  13. Basic Life Support
  14. Code of ethics, ethical principle
  15. Hospice care
  16. Care of rubber goods.
  17. Hazards associated with immobility
  18. Post-operative care
  19. Back massage
  20. Collection of urine specimen for culture
  21. Standard safety precautions.
  22. Critical thinking
  23. Types of Enema
  24. Problems of Mouth Cavity

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Nursing Foundation

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

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