Important questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Students – Psychology

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Psychology

01 – Psychology

  1. What is psychology? Use in Nursing? Scope of psychology? The method used in the study of psychology?
  2. Endocrine Glands?
  3. Biological and Environmental Influences on Behavior?
  4. The general pattern of growth Development?
  5. Role of the Nervous system in human behavior?
  6. Short Note on Neuron?
  7. What are sensations and the psychology of sensation?
  8. Level of consciousness?
  9. Aptitude, perception, intelligence?
  10. What is learning? How are factors influencing learning?
  11. Attention? Types of attention?
  12. Define and explain the types of thinking.
  13. Define Memory? Process and causes of forgetting?
  14. Theory of Intelligence (mostly one)?
  15. IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  16. Memory curve
  17. Define Intelligence and different types of intelligence.
  18. How many tests are used in the assessment of Intelligence?
  19. Errors in perception?
  20. Laws of Learning?
  21. Characteristics of learning and explain trial and Error theory of Learning?
  22. Difference between Thinking and Reasoning?
  23. Memory and factors influencing memory?
  24. Conflicts and Describes different b/w conflicts and frustrations?
  25. Define Motivation. Different biological and social drives?
  26. Define Emotions? What are the theories of Emotions?
  27. Define Motivation. Various theories of motivation?
  28. Define Personality? Describes its types.
  29. Describes various theories of personality.
  30. The method used for assessment of the Personality?
  31. The projective technique of testing?
  32. Discuss the development procedure through different stages – infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and toddlers.
  33. Various problems of personal and social adjustment factors?
  34. Guidance and counseling in the prevention of mental health problems?
  35. Defense Mechanism?
  36. Define Mental Health? Characteristics of Mental Health.
  37. Signs and Symptoms of poor Mental Health?
  38. Mental Retardation? How to prevent it?
  39. What is Mental Hygiene? Role of Mental Hygiene in meeting stress?

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Psychology

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