Important questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Students – Nutrition

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Nutrition

01 – Nutrition

1. Types of RNA and its functions?
2. Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells?
3. Buffer System?
4. Ketosis and acidosis?
5. Alkalosis and Acidosis and Its types?
6. Mucus-polysaccharides?
7. TCA cycle?
8. Define True Sugar? Describe the mechanism of regulations the Blood Sugar.
9. Phospholipids?
10. Define lipoprotein & its function?
11. Define fatty liver?
12. Describe beta-oxidation of 16 carbon Structure fatty acids and their Energetic.
13. What are lipids? Discuss their classification with suitable examples.
14. Enzymes Inhibition?
15. Iso-enzymes, Enzymes, and co-enzymes Define?
16. Denaturation of protein?
17. Define the urea cycle? Give a Normal range of Blood urea. Name the pathological condition under which Blood urea is affected.
18. Describe briefly the classification of Enzymes. According to the system giving examples for each class?
19. Phenylketonuria and alkaptonuria?
20. Election transport chain and its inhibitor?
21. Acid-based Balanced Maintained?
22. Absorption and transportation of iron?
23. Function, Deficiency, symptoms, sources, and Daily requirement (Vitamin-A)?
24. Absorption and function of calcium? What is the disease state which Influences the calcium metabolisms?
25. Vitamin D?
26. Electrophoresis?
27. Structure of Immunoglobulins? Functions also.
28. Mechanisms of Anti-bodies productions?
29. Test for sugar, and albumin in urine?
30. Method of Blood glucose estimation and glucose tolerance test?
31. Structure of DNA?

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