Important questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Students – Anatomy & Physiology

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Anatomy & Physiology


  1. Define Hyaline Cartilage?
  2. Define Joints? Types of Joint. Explain in Brief.
  3. Joints : (i) Synovial Joint, (ii) Ball and socket Joint, (iii) Knee Joint, (iv) Shoulder Joint, (v) Hip Joint, (vi) Fibrous Joint
  4. Bones of Medical longitudinal arch of foot?
  5. Bone:- Humerus Bone, Long Bone
  6. What is Scalp?
  7. Content of cubital fossa?
  8. Blood supply of long Bone?
  9. Properties of Muscles?
  10. Physiology of Muscles contraction?
  11. Cerebrospinal fluid?
  12. Postural Reflexes?
  13. Neuro-muscular Junctions?
  14. Functions of the spinal cord?
  15. Myasthenia gravis?
  16. Pain sensations?
  17. Types and functions of Cranial Nerves?
  18. Define respiration and the physiology of respiration in detail.
  19. What do you mean by Blood pressure and all its factors in detail?
  20. Write a short note on Anaemia. Formation and defect of RBC?
  21. The function of the Spleen?
  22. Define B.P and factors of Blood Pressure.
  23. Blood clotting factors? Mechanisms of coagulations?
  24. Describes regulation of cardiac Output.
  25. What is a Blood group? Types?
  26. Cardiac Cycle?
  27. Mechanism of Blood coagulation? Diseases Haemophilia?
  28. Functions of Blood? Composition of Blood?
  29. Define Pulse. And its types.
  30. Define Erythropoiesis. And its factors?
  31. Exchanges of gases in lungs and tissues?
  32. Hypoxia?
  33. Define vital capacity.
  34. Mechanisms of Inspiration and Expiration?
  35. Lung volume capacity?
  36. Regulation of Respiration?
  37. Define the Peristalsis movement.
  38. Composition and functions of Gastric Juices?
  39. The function of the liver?
  40. The function of Bile Juice?
  41. Liver function Test?
  42. Composition and urine formation?
  43. Define skin. Layers of Skin?
  44. Explain the Mechanisms of activation by Heat & cold.
  45. Explain the thermos regulators mechanisms in Human Body.
  46. Pituitary gland?
  47. Hormones secreted by renal glands discuss in detail.
  48. Discuss – the Action of glucocorticoid Hormones.
  49. Insulin?
  50. Immunity?
  51. Hyaline cartilage?
  52. Deltoid muscles?
  53. Gluteus Maximus muscle?
  54. Neurons?
  55. Brachial Plexus?
  56. Motor areas of cerebrum?
  57. Branches of facial Nerves in the face?
  58. Types of Cranial Nerves?
  59. Ventricles of the Brain?
  60. Corpus callosum?
  61. Ocular muscles?
  62. Nerves supply of the tongue?
  63. Conduction system of the Heart?
  64. Blood supply?
  65. Branches of External carotid arteries?
  66. Aortic arch?
  67. Spleen?
  68. Lymph Nodes Anatomy?
  69. Diaphragm (Anatomy and functions both)?
  70. Trachea – Diagram, function & Anatomy?
  71. Stomach – Functions, Anatomy & Diagram? (Kidney, Thyroid gland, Pancreas uterus, ovary, Prostate, Testis ) Diagrams + Anatomy + Functions
  72. Define Fertilizations. Briefly explain.
  73. The pouch of Douglas?
  74. Neuralgia?
  75. Menstruation cycle?
  76. Oogenesis?
  77. Spermatogenesis?
  78. Regulation of body temperature?

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Anatomy & Physiology

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