Important questions for B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Students – Nursing Foundation

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Nursing Foundation

01 – Nursing Foundation

  1. Define Health? Explain according to WHO? Factors Influencing Health?
  2. Explain the Health – illness continuum model.
  3. The Concept of Health promotion and level of Diseases prevention?
  4. Define Hospitals. Different kinds of Hospitals? Describes the various functions of Hospitals.
  5. Golden rules for FIRST-AID?
  6. Immunity?
  7. Define Nursing? The Expected professional and Ethical Behavior of Nurse, functions of Nurse?
  8. Define profession. Characteristics of the professional Nurse?
  9. Quality of the Nurse, code of Ethics, and the compressive nursing care of the patients?
  10. Write the steps & procedure for Admission of New patients.
  11. Discharges of the Patients?
  12. Define communication. Factors affecting Communication.
  13. Level and Elements of communication?
  14. Barriers of communication.
  15. Type of Effective communication?
  16. Nurse-Patients Relationship?
  17. Define Nursing procedure. Various steps in nursing processes?
  18. Write down short Notes on Recording and reporting.
  19. Define Pulse. Site of Pulse and Characteristics of the Normal Pulses?
  20. Define following term:- (i) Hypothermia, (ii) Hypothermia, (iii) Bradycardia, (iv) Dyspnea, (V) Tachypnea, (vi) Hypertensions, (vii) Insomnia, (viii) Hypotension, (ix) Temperature,
  21. Define vital signs. How to access the vital signs?
  22. Define pyrexia. Different types of fever?
  23. Observe the patient’s physical and psychological observation while admitting patients to the medical ward.
  24. Method of physical examination. Explain the Nursing responsibility in the physical examination.
  25. Health Assessment?
  26. Role of Nurse in providing safe and clean environment?
  27. Psychological Needs.
  28. Collection of specimens.
  29. Postural Drainage
  30. Urine testing for sugar and protein?
  31. Mobility and Immobility?
  32. Principles of Body Mechanisms?
  33. Various position used in Body alignment?
  34. CPR
  35. Oxygen therapy, precautions?
  36. Procedures of oxygen administration?
  37. Ulcers? Prevention from ulcers?
  38. Define, Isolation. Method of Isolation? Barriers of Nursing and precaution isolation?
  39. Define Cross infection. Chain of Infection transmission?
  40. Comfort Devices?
  41. A Nosocomial Infection?
  42. Bio-Medical Waste Management.
  43. Types of Hospitals?
  44. Medical and Surgical Asepsis?
  45. Steps of Handwashing?
  46. Route of Drug Administration?
  47. Care of terminally ill patients?
  48. Care of the Death Body?
  49. Describe Nursing theory. Various Nursing theories and Describe one in Detail.
  50. Orem’s theory?
  51. Decubitus ulcers.
  52. National Immunizations Schedule?
  53. Scope of Nursing and History of Florence Nightingale?
  54. BLS (Basic Life support)?
  55. Hot and cold Applications?
  56. Role of Nurse in care of unconscious patients?

Important questions for B.Sc Nursing Students – Nursing Foundation

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