AIIMS Mangalagiri Staff Nurse Grade II Question Paper 2018 and Answer Key

All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Mangalagiri Staff Nurse Grade II Question Paper & Answer Keys 2018 Download 

AIIMS Mangalagiri Staff Nurse Grade II Question Paper 2018

Q.1) A ________ consists of many columns and rows.

(A) Printer

(B) Table

(C) Format

(D) Word


Correct Answer: Table



Q.2) Calculator is a part of ______________ in Computer.

(A) Restore

(B) Accessories

(C) Entertainment

(D) Desktop


Correct Answer: Accessories



Q.3) You must ___________ your document, before exiting.

(A) Send

(B) Save

(C) Open

(D) Print


Correct Answer: Save



Q.4) Use of computers for all patient care documentation is called.

(A) Patient record

(B) Patient reports

(C) Electronic health record

(D) Medical health record


Correct Answer: Electronic health record


Q.5) _______________ is a dustbin of the computer.

(A) Hard disk


(C) Recycle bin

(D) Local device


Correct Answer: Recycle bin


Q.6) A presentation is saved with an extension.

(A) .ppc

(B) .ppt

(C) .ppb

(D) .ppm


Correct Answer:  .ppt


Q.7) _______________ transfers the ink through a set of small pins arranged in the form of matrix.


(A) Dot Matrix printer

(B) Laser printer

(C) None of these

(D) 3D printer


Correct Answer: Dot Matrix printer


Q.8) __________ achieves data to protect it from accidental loss.


(A) None of these

(B) Backup

(C) Disk clean up

(D) System restore


Correct Answer: Backup



Q.9) __________ is used to create attractive presentations.

(A) MS Word

(B) MS PowerPoint

(C) MS Spreadsheet

(D) MS Excel


Correct Answer: MS PowerPoint



Q.10) How does the electronic health records help the health team?

(A) Avoiding meetings

(B) Avoiding misinterpretations

(C) Sharing personal data

(D) Sharing messages


Correct Answer: Avoiding misinterpretations



Q.11) If the time shown by a wall clock is 12:40 AM/PM then what will be the apparent time as shown by its mirror image?

(A) 11:20 AM / PM

(B) 11:40 AM / PM

(C) 12:20 AM / PM

(D) 12:40 AM / PM


Correct Answer: 12:20 AM / PM



Q.12) Buses stop at a stop every 35 minutes. It is 10:42 PM now and a bus has stopped 8 minutes ago. At what time will the next bus stop?

(A) 10:52 PM

(B) 11:02 PM

(C) 10:57 PM

(D) 11:09 PM


Correct Answer: 11:09 PM


Q.13) From the image find the missing term.

(A) 15

(B) 13

(C) 5

(D) 10


Correct Answer:  13


Q.14) From the image find the missing term.

(A) 15

(B) 7

(C) 12

  1. D) 4. 5


Correct Answer:  7


Q.15) Ramesh pointed to a photo and said ,”He is the youngest son of my grandfather’s only daughter. How is the person in the photo related to Ramesh?

(A) None of these

(B) Uncle

(C) Son

(D) Father


Correct Answer: None of these


Q.16) In which of the following option, the set of words that cannot be formed by using the letters available in the word ‘PHILADELPHIA’ ?







Correct Answer:  ULLIAD, PUPIL


Q.17) Tajmahal : Marble :: Book : ________ .

(A) Author

(B) Stories

(C) Library

(D) Paper


Correct Answer: Paper



Q.18) Find the odd one out.

(A) Maize

(B) Rice

(C) Wheat

(D) Lemon


Correct Answer:  Lemon


Q.19) Find the missing term in the series “AB, DEF, HIJK, ____________, STUVWX “?






Correct Answer: MNOPQ


Q.20) In a certain code ‘BOMBAY’ is coded as “CPNYAB”; ‘STUPID’ is coded as “TUVDIP”; then what will be the code for ‘VELVET’?






Correct Answer: WFMTEV


Q.21) Which of the following is/are tributaries of Ganges in India?

(A) Gomti

(B) Yamuna

(C) Sone river

(D) All of these


Correct Answer: All of these


Q.22) Chennai has been included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its rich ___________ tradition.

(A) Crafts and folk art

(B) Musical

(C) Films and literature

(D) Media arts


Correct Answer: Musical


Q.23) _____________ is used in Boxing.

(A) Bunder Chuckker

(B) Upper Cut

(C) Mallet

(D) Deuce


Correct Answer:  Upper Cut


Q.24) Who amongst the following repudiated his knighthood in protest against Jallianwala Bagh tragedy?

(A) Subbaiyer Subramania Iyer

(B) Rabindranath Tagore

(C) Mahatama Gandhi

(D) Sardar Patel


Correct Answer: Rabindranath Tagore


Q.25) Pandit Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi was the famous Indian vocalist in which of the following classical tradition ?

(A) Carnatic

(B) Dhrupad

(C) Quwwali

(D) Hindustani


Correct Answer: Hindustani


Q.26) Telangana is bordered by which of the following states?

(A) Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh

(B) Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh

(C) Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh

(D) Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh


Correct Answer:  Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh


Q.27) UIDAI comes under

(A) Niti Aayog (previously planning Commision)

(B) Home Ministry

(C) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

(D) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation


Correct Answer:  Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology


Q.28) What is the motif of Rs 200 bank note?

(A) Sanchi stupa

(B) Red Fort

(C) Parliament House

(D) Hampi with chariot


Correct Answer: Sanchi stupa


Q.29) Gayatri mantra, the highly revered mantra is from which of the following?


(A) Aitareya Brahmana

(B) Rigveda

(C) Upnishad

(D) Samaveda


Correct Answer: Rigveda


Q.30) The below given image is of which of the following.

(A) Venus of Willendorf

(B) Auguste Rodin, the burghers of Calais

(C) Terracotta warriors

(D) Laocoön and his sons


Correct Answer: Terracotta warriors


Q.31) Braxton-Hicks are.

(A) Eye contractions

(B) Abdominal contractions

(C) Muscle contractions

(D) Uterine contractions


Correct Answer: Uterine contractions


Q.32) Graves’ Disease is.

(A) Hyperthyroidism

(B) Hypopituitarism

(C) Hypoparathyroidism

(D) Hypothyroidism


Correct Answer: Hyperthyroidism


Q.33) Calculate the sampling interval according to systematic sampling technique when your sample size is 200 and your accessible population is 40,000?

(A) 400

(B) 2000

(C) 4000

(D) 200


Correct Answer: 200


Q.34) A function of nursing management is.

(A) Networking

(B) Administration

(C) Planning

(D) Hierarchy


Correct Answer: Planning


Q.35) Following are the dimensions of health except.

(A) Financial

(B) Mental

(C) Social

(D) Physical


Correct Answer: Financial


Q.36) Basic concepts of nursing informatics.

(A) Service+Education+Administration

(B) Data+Knowledge+ Information

(C) Evidence+Practice+Technology

(D) Computer+Science+Work


Correct Answer:  Data+Knowledge+ Information


Q.37) A feeding problem among infants.

(A) Choking

(B) Hiccups

(C) Aspiration

(D) Regurgitation


Correct Answer: Regurgitation


Q.38) When a patient tells the nurse that he is cool to undergo surgery with his body rigid and sharp voice, a nurse can interpret that he is anxious as evidenced by the body language. Which form of communication is used here?


(A) Metacommunication

(B) Nonverbal Communication

(C) Verbal Communication

(D) Symbolic Communication


Correct Answer: Metacommunication


Q.39) Malpractice is an example of.

(A) Unintentional torts

(B) Assault

(C) Battering

(D) Intentional torts


Correct Answer:  Unintentional torts



Q.40) Dystocia is.

(A) Abortion

(B) Normal labour

(C) Abnormal labour

(D) Caesarean section


Correct Answer: Abnormal labour



Q.41) The third stage of labour comprises of.

(A) Delivery of fetus

(B) Effacement of cervix

(C) Placental separation

(D) Descent of fetus


Correct Answer: Placental separation



Q.42)  Identify ‘at risk’ infant from the following.

(A) Infant with diarrhoea

(B) Malnourished baby

(C) Low birth weight baby

(D) Down syndrome baby


Correct Answer: Low birth weight baby


Q.43) According to Transactional Analysis, what are the 3 main ego states?

(A) Id, Ego, Superego

(B) Inferiority complex, Normal complex, Superiority complex

(C) Parent, Adult, Child

(D) Blind, Hidden, Unknown


Correct Answer: Parent, Adult, Child


Q.44) Rorschach test is an example of.

(A) Projective Technique

(B) Field notes

(C) Biophysiologic Measurement

(D) Observation technique

Correct Answer: Projective Technique


Q.45) Capacity of a microbe to cause disease is known as.

(A) Pathogenicity

(B) Virulence

(C) Infection

(D) Immunity

Correct Answer: Pathogenicity


Q.46) An item which can be included in ‘A’ Items in ABC Analysis in inventory control.

(A) Gauze bundle

(B) Syringes & Needles

(C) MRI Machine

(D) Bed Linen

Correct Answer: MRI Machine


Q.47) The current President of Indian Nursing Council is.

(A) Mrs. K. S. Bharati

(B) Dr. T. Dileep Kumar

(C) Mrs. Ranjeet Kuar

(D) Dr. Asha Sharma

Correct Answer: Dr. T. Dileep Kumar


Q.48) A structure which is in dermis layer of skin is.

(A) Papillae

(B) Subcutaneous fat

(C) Sweat glands

(D) Melanin

Correct Answer: Sweat glands


Q.49) A clinical sign of impending death is.


(A) Increased movements of extremities

(B) Increased muscle tone

(C) Worrying

(D) Cheyne-Stokes respiration


Correct Answer: Cheyne-Stokes respiration


Q.50) Positron Emission Tomography is a.

(A) Neuropsychological test

(B) Neuro-Endocrine test

(C) Electrophysiological test

(D) Brain Imaging test


Correct Answer: Brain Imaging test




Q.51) Who developed the method of pasteurisation to prevent spoilage of food by bacteria?

(A) Edward Jenner

(B) Louis Pasteur

(C) Joseph Lister

(D) Robert Koch


Correct Answer:  Louis Pasteur


Q.52) In which disease condition a boot shaped heart is seen in chest X-ray?


(A) Patent Ductus Arteriosus

(B) Transposition of Great Arteries

(C) Tricuspid Atresia

(D) Tetralogy of Fallot


Correct Answer: Tetralogy of Fallot


Q.53) In nursing practice, Nursing Informatics can be applied in.

(A) Decision making

(B) Computer application

(C) Electronic Medical Records

(D) Local area networks


Correct Answer: Electronic Medical Records


Q.54) A better method of teaching intravenous cannulation is.

(A) Discussion

(B) Demonstration

(C) Lecture

(D) Seminar

Correct Answer:  Demonstration


Q.55) Out of the following, the bony labyrinth of inner ear consists.

(A) Auditory ossicles

(B) Auditory canal

(C) Cochlea

(D) Pinna


Correct Answer: Cochlea



Q.56) An example for sesamoid bone is.

(A) Patella

(B) Ribs

(C) Carpals

(D) Sternum


Correct Answer: Patella



Q.57) An example of legal issue in nursing practice.

(A) Absenteeism of staff

(B) Long working hours

(C) Error in instrument count in operation theatre

(D) Less staff salary


Correct Answer:  Error in instrument count in operation theatre


Q.58) An example of occupational hazards is.

(A) Cystic fibrosis

(B) Rheumatoid Arthritis

(C) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

(D) Silicosis


Correct Answer: Silicosis


Q.59) Pain that can occur in an amputated person is.

(A) Phantom limb pain

(B) Postherpetic neuralgia

(C) Trigeminal neuralgia

(D) Causalgia


Correct Answer: Phantom limb pain


Q.60) What is the risk factor for the septic shock?

(A) Deep vein thrombosis

(B) None of these

(C) Cardiac failure

(D) Extreme ages


Correct Answer: Extreme ages


Q.61) What is the other name of Null Hypothesis?

(A) Directional hypothesis

(B) Scientific hypothesis

(C) Research hypothesis

(D) Statistical hypothesis


Correct Answer: Statistical hypothesis


Q.62) What is the term used for a careful appraisal of the strengths and weakness of a research study?

(A) Research critique

(B) Research abstract

(C) Research synopsis

(D) Research proposal


Correct Answer: Research critique


Q.63) What is the stage of a tumour, if it is of any size with positive or negative lymph node involvement and distant metastasis according to TNM Classification?

(A) Stage I

(B) Stage III

(C) Stage II

(D) Stage IV


Correct Answer: Stage IV


Q.64) Out of the following, which comfort device prevents the external rotation of the hips of a bedridden patient?

(A) Trochanter rolls

(B) Hand roll

(C) Trapeze bar

(D) Sandbags


Correct Answer: Trochanter rolls


Q.65) Out of the following, what can be a possible source of infection for brucellosis?

(A) Rats

(B) Sheep

(C) Goats

(D) Horses


Correct Answer: Goats


Q.66) The observable tip of the Iceberg of Disease represents.

(A) Clinically Recognizable cases

(B) Unknown cases

(C) Hidden cases

(D) Preventive cases


Correct Answer: Clinically Recognizable cases


Q.67) Kaposi’s sarcoma is seen in.

(A) Leukemia


(C) Brain tumour

(D) Glaucoma


Correct Answer: AIDS



Q.68) The difference between the actual amount spent and budgeted amount is known as.

(A) Variance

(B) Expense

(C) Revenue 

(D) Budgeting

Correct Answer: Variance



Q.69) An educational activity organised by the employer for the employees to assist them in learning & skill improvement.

(A) Induction Training

(B) Training Programme

(C) In service Education

(D) Career Development

Correct Answer: In service Education



Q.70) Senseless repetition of same words / phrases over and over again is known as.

(A) Stereotypy

(B) Trance

(C) Verbigeration

(D) Broadcasting

Correct Answer: Verbigeration



Q.71) Koplik’s spots can be observed in.

(A) Oral mucosa

(B) Neck

(C) Chest & Abdomen

(D) Skin

Correct Answer:  Oral mucosa



Q.72) An ongoing counselling process throughout an individual’s life span is known as.

(A) Preventive counselling

(B) Developmental counselling

(C) Crisis counselling

(D) Facilitative counselling

Correct Answer:  Developmental counselling



Q.73) A common nursing diagnosis for all patients with an ileostomy is.

(A) Disturbed body image

(B) Excess fluid volume

(C) Constipation

(D) Delayed growth and development

Correct Answer:  Disturbed body image


Q.74) A methodology for tracking the energy vectors of interpersonal relationships in a group is known as.

(A) Group dynamics

(B) Sociometry

(C) Human relations

(D) Leadership training

Correct Answer:  Sociometry


Q.75) A kind of play which can be observed in infant.

(A) Associative play

(B) Parallel play

(C) Onlooker play 

(D) Unoccupied play


Correct Answer:  Unoccupied play



Q.76) Shuffling gait is observed in.

(A) Juvenile arthritis

(B) Multiple Myeloma

 (C) Pelvic inflammatory diseases

(D) Parkinsonism

Correct Answer:  Parkinsonism



Q.77) Treatment of Leukemia is.

(A) Radiation therapy

(B) Ergot therapy

(C) Surgery

(D) Chemotherapy

Correct Answer:  Chemotherapy



Q.78) A seborrheic crusting over the scalp of a newborn is known as.

(A) Cradle cap

(B) Granuloma

(C) Mongolian spots

(D) Salmon Patches


Correct Answer:  Cradle cap


Q.79) Compute the mean weight of 8 patients with the following weights in kilograms.

(A) 145

(B) 140

(C) 143

(D) 148


Correct Answer:  145


Q.80) A first line medication for pulmonary tuberculosis.

(A) Capreomycin

(B) Pyridoxine

(C) Rifampicin

(D) Ethionamide


Correct Answer: Rifampicin



Q.81) What can be a desirable sampling technique if your samples are injection drug users?

(A) Quota Sampling

(B) Convenient Sampling

(C) Purposive Sampling

(D) Snowball Sampling

Correct Answer:  Snowball Sampling


Q.82) A woman in labour is known as.

(A) Gravida

(B) Parturient

(C) Para

(D) Puerpera


Correct Answer:  Parturient



Q.83) A principle regarding operational aspects of Primary Health Care (PHC) is.

(A) Home visit

(B) Health care

(C) Financial management

(D) Equitable distribution

Correct Answer:  Equitable distribution



Q.84) A true contraindication for breastfeeding.

(A) Radiation therapy


(C) Low birth weight

(D) Phenylketonuria


Correct Answer:  Phenylketonuria


Q.85) 1 ml of Inj. Pitocin contains.

(A) 5 mg

(B) 50 mg

(C) 5 IU

(D) 5 mm

Correct Answer:  5 IU


Q.86) A very severe elevation of mood in a manic episodes is.

(A) Euphoria

(B) Ecstasy

(C) Exaltation

(D) Elation

Correct Answer:  Ecstasy



Q.87) The best method of decontamination of infectious waste before final disposal is.

(A) Autoclaving

(B) Shredding

(C) Incineration

(D) Pulverisation

Correct Answer:  Autoclaving




Q.88) The muscle that lies on the anterior thoracic wall is.


(A) Pectoralis major

(B) Deltoid

(C) Triceps

(D) Biceps

Correct Answer:  Pectoralis major


Q.89) The term which is used to describe idiosyncratically formed new words whose derivation cannot be understood easily is.

(A) Mannerisms

(B) Mutism

(C) Negativism

(D) Neologisms

Correct Answer: Neologisms


Q.90)  The absolute contraindication for electroconvulsive therapy is.

(A) Raised Intracranial tension

(B) Retinal detachment

(C) Myocardial infarction

(D) Diabetes Mellitus


Correct Answer: Raised Intracranial tension



Q.91) The other name of Body Mass Index is.

(A) Standard Index

(B) Calorie Index

(C) Quetelet Index

(D) Citation Index


Correct Answer: Quetelet Index


Q.92) The ‘pacemaker’ of heart is.

(A) Atrioventricular node

(B) Atrioventricular bundle

(C) Vagus nerve

(D) Sinoatrial node

Correct Answer: Sinoatrial node


Q.93) The term ‘Cephalocaudal’ means.

(A) Simple to complex

(B) Center to the midline

(C) Infancy to adolescence

(D) Head to tail

Correct Answer: Head to tail



Q.94) The organ of locomotion of bacteria.

(A) Fimbriae

(B) Capsule

(C) Spores

(D) Flagella

Correct Answer: Flagella


Q.95) A mood stabilising agent.



(A) Bupropion

(B) Amitriptyline

(C) Sertraline

(D) Lithium

Correct Answer: Lithium



Q.96) A biochemical marker of pre-eclampsia is.

(A) Raised Hb level

(B) Raised hematocrit level

(C) Raised electrolyte level

(D) Raised uric acid level


Correct Answer: Raised uric acid level 



Q.97) Which health education method is used by visiting a blood blank during community postings?

(A) Field trip method

(B) Demonstration

(C) Roleplay

(D) Skit


Correct Answer: Field trip method


Q.98) Vaccination is an example.

(A) Herd immunity

(B) Artificial active immunity

(C) Artificial passive immunity

(D) Natural passive immunity


Correct Answer: Artificial active immunity


Q.99) When did The Mental Health Bill become The Mental Health Act?

(A) 1990                                                                     

(B) 1912

(C) 1987

(D) 1985


Correct Answer: 1987


Q.100) One of the principles of health education.

(A) Authenticity

(B) Audio-visual aids

(C) Man power

(D) Credibility


Correct Answer: Credibility


AIIMS Mangalagiri Staff Nurse Grade II  2018 Question Paper & Answer Keys Download 

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