AIIMS Raipur Staff Nurse Paper 2017, Solved Answer Shift – 1st

AIIMS Raipur Paper- 2017 - Shift - 2

1. The Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records are the following, EXCEPT:-

    1. Expensive
    2. Lack of integration
    3. Downtime processes
    4. Increased medical errors

2. The idea of storing a program and the data to be processed in the same memory was contributed by:-

    1. Bardeen
    2. John Von Neumann
    3. Brattain
    4. Shockley

3. The normal range of respiration is:-

  1. 10 – 12 breaths / minute
  2. 12 – 20 breaths / minute
  3. 20 – 22 breaths / minute
  4. 16 – 24 breaths / minute

4. During the physical assessment of children, asymmetry of the skull indicates:-

  1. Hydrocephalus
  2. Craniotabes
  3. Craniosynostosis
  4. Osteogenesis imperfecta

5. On 8th February, it was Tuesday. What was the day of the week on 8th February 2004?

  1. Monday
  2. Sunday
  3. Thursday
  4. Friday

6. The use of transistors instead of vacuum tubes in computers was emerged in:-

  1. First generation
  2. Second generation
  3. Third generation
  4. Fourth generation

7. The substances that cause tissue necrosis and damage particularly when extravasated are:-

  1. Apoptosis
  2. Interleukins
  3. Vesicants
  4.  Retinoids

8. The type of pelvis in which the features are heart-shaped brim, narrow fore pelvis and sciatic notch with prominent ischial spines and suprapubic angle < 90°:-

  1. Gynecoid pelvis
  2. Android Pelvis
  3. Anthropoid pelvis
  4. Platypelloid pelvis

9. The mode of transmission of trachoma from one person to another person is:-

  1. Direct contact
  2. Indirect contact
  3. Inocolation
  4. Iatraorgenic

10. It was observed by a nurse that the medication prescriptions given by the doctor were wrongly noted by the nurse of the previous shift. Who among the following will fill out the report of this incident?

  1. The concerned nurse who spotted the error
  2. The nurse who committed the mistake in the previous shift
  3. Supervising nurse who is in charge of the nursing unit
  4. The original nurse who was assigned to the patient on the first day

11. The activities of a person engaged in believing himself ill in the characteristic of:-

  1. Health behavior
  2. Illness behavior
  3. Sick – role behaviour
  4. Wellness behaviour

12. The cardinal signs of the body include the following, EXCEPT:-

  1. Temperature
  2. Blood pressure level
  3. Blood glucose level
  4. Heart beat

13. In the fetal skull, the bregma is found:-

  1. At the junction of the sagittal, coronal and frontal sutures
  2. At the junction of the lambdoidal and sagittal sutures
  3. Between the two halves of the frontal bone
  4. Between the frontal bones and parietal bones

14. The internal command that is used to create a new directory is called:-

  1. Cls
  2. DIR
  3. REN
  4. MD

15. The primary role of the pediatric nurse is to provide nursing care as:-

  1. A collaborator, Care coordinator and consultant
  2. An advocate, educator, and manager
  3. An independent and autonomous practitioner
  4. Clinical specialist and case manager

16. Mahatma Gandhi’s first Sathyagraha movement is:-

  1. Khilafat movement
  2. Non – violence
  3. Champaran Sathyagraha
  4. Salt Sathyagraha

17. The agent factor responsible for the occurrence of a disease includes:-

  1. Biological and physical agents
  2. Mechanical and chemical agents
  3. Vertical and inoculation agents
  4. Nutrient and living agents
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, b, d
  4. a, c, d

18. A clear concise summary of a study that communicates the essential information about the study is called:-

  1. Construct
  2. Concept mapping
  3. Abstract
  4. Proposition

19. Identify the CORRECT statement from the following.

Healthy 6 weeks old infants cry for a total of about 3 hours everyday

Crying and fussing is more prevalent in night

The infants are better able to soothe themselves by the age of 6 weeks

The cause of colic is thought to be a problem in the genitourinary system

20. The immunity that is transferred from the maternal antibodies to fetus transplacentally and to infant through breast milk to protect them till their own immune system matures to function is a kind of:-

  1. Innate immunity
  2. Acquired immunity
  3. Active immunity
  4. Passive immunity

21. During the antenatal assessment, the nurse records the following findings:-

  1. The uterus almost fills the abdominal cavity
  2. The fundus is at the tip of the xiphoid cartilage
  3. The diaphragm is pressed upward.
  4. These findings indicate the gestational age of:-
  1. 30 Weeks of Pregnancy
  2. 34 weeks of pregnancy
  3. 36 weeks of pregnancy
  4. 38 weeks of pregnancy

22. The artery that supply blood to the diaphragm is called:-

  1. Inferior mesenteric artery
  2. Suprarenal artery
  3. Inferior phrenic arteries
  4. Celiac arteries

23. The maternal observation following postpartum hemorrhage are:-

  1. Estimate the total volume of blood test
  2. Record pulse and temperature every 15 minutes
  3. Monitor the central venous pressure
  4. Administer IV fluids without interruption to combat the fluid loss
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

24. Congenital absence or closure of a normal body orifice or tubular organ is called:-

  1. Fistula
  2. Atresia
  3. Hernia
  4. Stenosis

25. The fundamental processes that are carried by the Operating System are:-

  1. Management of devices
  2. Interface for user and computer
  3. Running application programme
  4. Troubleshooting programme:-
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

26. The clinical symptoms of wasting syndrome in AIDS include:-

  1. Involuntary weight loss
  2. Chronic diarrhea
  3. Protein – energy malnutrition
  4. Oesophageal candidiasis
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, b, d
  4. a, b, c, d

27) The largest volume of air, which can be expelled from the lungs during maximal expiration is called:-

  1. Tidal volume
  2. Residual volume
  3. Inspiratory reserve volume
  4. Expiratory reserve volume


28) The premature closure of the sagittal suture is called:-

  1. Scaphocephaly
  2. Oxycephaly
  3. Acrocephaly
  4. Anencephaly

29) The process by which, medium is placed at 100°C in flowing steam for 30 mintes each on 3 successive days is:-

  1. Steam under pressure
  2. Autoclave
  3. Tyndallization
  4. Inspissation

30) The active management of a patient with missed abortion at 12 weeks of gestation includes:-

  1. Vaginal evacuation
  2. accelerate uterine contraction by oxytocin drip
  3. slow dilatation of the cervix by laminaria tent
  4. suction evacuation
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

31) Identify the wrong statement from the following:-

  1. Health education is an essential tool for community health.
  2. Health education is concerned with promoting health as well as improving behaviour induced disease.
  3. Health education is an active process of learning
  4. Health propaganda should not be considered in Health education

32) In an unconscious patient, the following symptoms are shown:-

  1. Limited spontaneous movement
  2. Sluggish speech
  3. Drowsy
  4. Falls asleep easily,
  5. These symptoms fall under the category:-
  1. Delirium
  2. Lethargy
  3. Stupor
  4. Obtunded

33) Arrange the following words as per the order in the Dictionary:-

  1. Practice
  2. Parrot
  3. Pencil
  4. Pen
  1. a,b,c,d
  2. b,d,c,a
  3. b,d,a,c
  4. d,c,a,b

34) Temporary loss of muscle tone and weakness precipitated by a variety of emotional states is called:-

  1. Cataplexy
  2. Catharsis
  3. Compulsion
  4. Confabulation

35) The techniques of psychoanalysis include the following, EXCEPT:-

  1. Exploration
  2. Free association
  3. Clay association
  4. Transference


36) Mention the level of measurement, the following example falls under, Health status: -Poor –Fair – Good -Excellent:-

  1. Nominal measurement
  2. Ordinal measurement
  3. Interval measurement
  4. Ratio measurement

37) Thinking containing erroneous conclusions and internal contradiction is called:-

  1. Autistic thinking
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Illogical thinking
  4. Logical thinking


38) The first school of nursing was established by:-

  1. Virginia Handerson
  2. Theodor Fliedner
  3. Florence Nightingale
  4. Isabel Hampton

39) Identify the wrong statement from the following:-

  1. A Consent form must be obtained for all invasive procedures
  2. Consent is a voluntary act by which a person agrees to allow someone else to do something
  3. The client must be mentally competent to give consent
  4. A Consent form should be signed only by the client

40) The type of recording system, in which the members of each discipline record their findings in a separately labeled section of the chart is:-

  1. Source – oriented record systems
  2. Problem – oriented record systems
  3. Focused record system
  4. Exception based record system

41) According to DSM IV, the positive symptoms of Schizophrenia includes:-

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Delusions
  3. Flat affect
  4. Bizarre behavior
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,d

42) Identify which is the independent nursing intervention from the following?

  1. Inserting Foley’s catheter
  2. Administering IV fluids
  3. Providing catheter care
  4. Collecting blood sample for investigation

43) The following are the barriers of Therapeutic relationships:-

  1. Too many questions
  2. Assertive style
  3. Stereotyping
  4. Patronizing
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, c, d
  4. a, b, c, d

44) An intern nurse who was undergoing an internship in a nursing home was asked to insert a nasogastric tube in a patient. Which among the following is the appropriate decision on the part on the intern nurse?

  1. Insert the nasogastric tube as requested
  2. Request the senior nurse to supervise while the nasogastric tube is inserted
  3. Request the instructor from the nursing college to assist in inserting the tube
  4. Deny and back out from inserting the nasogastric tube


45) The plexus that supply nerves to the skin and muscles of the upper limbs and some of the chest muscles is:-

  1. Cervical plexus
  2. Brachial plexus
  3. Lumbar plexus
  4. Sacral plexus


46) Receiving self-satisfaction from helping people in a humanistic way is called as:-

  1. Ability to analyze own feelings
  2. Ability to serve as a model
  3. Altruism
  4. Strong sense of ethics


47) The complications of Steven – Johnson Syndrome includes:-

  1. Untreated sepsis
  2. Kerato conjunctivitis
  3. Conjunctival retraction
  4. Corneal lesions
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

48) The computer that runs several programs concurrently for computationally – intensive task is called:-

  1. Personal computer
  2. Analog computer
  3. Micro computer
  4. Supercomputer

49) The causes of neutropenia include:-

  1. Metastatic cancer and lymphoma
  2. Cyanotic spell and lymphoma
  3. Hypersplenism and chemotherapy
  4. Infectious hepatitis and radiation therapy
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,b,d
  4. a,c,d

50) A low – pitched, continuous gurgling sounds caused by secretions in the large airways is called:-

  1. Wheezes
  2. Rhonchi
  3. Coughing
  4. Stertor

When a nurse enters the patient’s room for administering medications, she notices that the patient’s food remained on the table. Helping the patient in providing food and then administering the medication is an act of:-

  1. Beneficence
  2. Normal efficiency
  3. Maleficence
  4. Accountability

52) During the physical examination, the client’s breaths having a ” Fruity” odor would help you to suspect:

  1. Albuminuria
  2. Ketoacidosis
  3. Acidity
  4. Proteinuria

53) The principles of communication in the workplace include:-

  1. Use language that is easily understood
  2. Do not repeat phrases
  3. Do not use the indirect mode of communication
  4. Encourage Feedback
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

54) The 12 lead key is used to diagnose:-

  1. Dysrhythmias and conduction abnormalities
  2. Chamber enlargement and injury
  3. Myocardial ischemia and conduction abnormalities
  4. Pulmonary edema and heart failure
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, b, d
  4. a, c, d

55) A hormone that prevents menstruation and maintains pregnancy by sustaining the function of the corpus luteum is:-

  1. Follicle-stimulating hormone
  2. Luteinizing hormone
  3. Gonadotrophin releasing hormone
  4. Human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone

56) Mr. Raju was crying out to the nurse, describing the loss of his wife in an accident. The nurse did not interrupt but allowed him to express his feelings. This technique is called:-

  1. Reassurance
  2. Ventilation
  3. Abreaction
  4. Persuasion

57) The part of the bone that enters into the formation of a joint is called:-

  1. Articulating surface
  2. Bony sinus
  3. Condyle
  4. Facet

58) In MS Excel, the table properties options are used to:-

  1. Insert tables into a document
  2. Adjust the width of the table
  3. Format the tables
  4. Merge the tables

59) In the stages of growth and development, the infancy extends from:-

  1. Birth to 4 weeks
  2. Birth to 1 year
  3. 4 weeks to 1 year
  4. 1 to 3 years

60) A basin-shaped cavity that forms a ring between the movable vertebrae of the vertebral column and the lower limbs is called:-

  1. Pelvic floor
  2. Pelvic girdle
  3. Pelvic joint
  4. Pelvic ligament

61) Select the analogy which you think matches best in the given example.

  1. 41
  2. 25
  3. 26
  4. 36

62) In standard convention, the following shapes are used for various blocks in a flowchart, EXCEPT:-

  1. Rectangles with rounded end are used to indicate START and Stop
  2. Parallelograms are used to represent input and output operations
  3. Rectangles for processing operations
  4. Diamond-shaped boxes for storage and arithmetic

63) The functions of amniotic fluid are:-

  1. protects fetus from jarring and injury
  2. maintains intrauterine temperature
  3. provides nutrients to fetus
  4. protects the placenta and umbilical cord
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, c, d
  4. a, b, c, d

64) The factors influencing heat production are:-

  1. Oxidation of Food
  2. Anxiety and nervousness
  3. Sympathetic Stimulation
  4. Use of Narcotic drugs
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, c, d
  4. a, b, c, d

65) The types of data’s that are stored and processed by computers are:

  1. Text with strings of characters
  2. Numbers
  3. Pictures with dichrome
  4. Videos
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,b,d
  4. a,c,d

66) The dimensions of health that implies the notion of “perfect functioning of the body” are:-

  1. Physical dimension
  2. Mental dimensions
  3. Social dimensions
  4. Emotional dimensions

67) The hallucination in which the content is consistent with either a depressed or manic mood is called:-

  1. Somatic hallucination
  2. Mood – congruent hallucination
  3. Mood – incongruent hallucination.
  4. Haptic hallucination

68) Which of the following factors must be kept in mind while documenting the patients records during and at the end of the shift?

  1. Charting must be as brief as possible.
  2. The documentation must be in the format as followed in the concerned hospital
  3. Chart must be prepared in form of a legal document
  4. The patient must be checked periodically

69) When a nurse is doing a physical examination for a patient, She notices the patient’s grimace. The nursing diagnostic process the nurse used here is:-

  1. Data interpretation
  2. Data clustering
  3. Concept mapping
  4. Data Collection

70) The attributes of primary healthcare include:-

  1. Accessibility
  2. Acceptability
  3. Adaptability
  4. Affordability
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

71) Sheel said, “Arun is the son of the only brother of my mother”. How sheela is related to Arun?

  1. Sister
  2. Brother
  3. Cousin 
  4. Uncle

72) The comprehensive community health nursing includes:-

  1. General information
  2. Demographic characteristics
  3. Environmental conditions
  4. Economic and transport conditions:-
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

73) The repair and reconstruction of the joint is called:-

  1. Arthrodesis
  2. Arthrotomy
  3. Arthroplasty
  4. Amputation

74) An essential element of professional nursing, that involve the initiation of independent nursing interventions without medical orders is:-

  1. Advocacy
  2. Autonomy
  3. Internment
  4. Subjugation

75) The approximate weight gain of the fetus between 32 and 40 weeks of gestation is:-

  1. 10 g / day
  2. 20 g / day
  3. 25 g / day
  4. 50 g / day

76) The following Statements are TRUE regarding Operating Sytem, EXCEPT:-

  1. An OS coordinates the activitie of various parts of a computer
  2. It optimizes the uses of the resources of a computer
  3. It is essential for a computer to switch on
  4. It helps in retrieving data

77) Find the synonym of the isolate.

  1. Confine
  2. incorporate
  3. integrate
  4. mingle

78) A five years old child gets admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD). If the child is at the third stage, what would be the clinical symptoms present?:-

  1. Profuse hyaline membranes and patchy mucosal cilia loss
  2. Interstitial fibrosis and epithelial proliferation
  3. Edema of the interstitium and necrosis of alveolar cells
  4. Alveolar collapse and difficulty in oxygenation

79) A state of diminished consciousness in which the patient remains mute and still with the eyes open is called:-

  1. Catatonia
  2. Stupor
  3. Panic
  4. Hysteria

80) Accountable care organizations and other programs help doctors and other healthcare providers work together to deliver better care. This overview of the healthcare law was proposed on:-

  1. 2010
  2. 2011
  3. 2012
  4. 2013

81) The following are the purposes of Bulletin boards, EXCEPT:-

  1. Facilitate comparison of data
  2. Broaden the sensory experience
  3. Intensify impressions
  4. Vitalize instructions

82) The role of the medical-surgical nurse, that uses critical thinking, clinical judgment, and the nursing process as a key tool for nursing practice is:-

  1. Practitioner role
  2. Leadership role
  3. Managerial role
  4. Research role

83) Providing health education about environmental hygiene to the community people is an example of:-

  1. Social communication
  2. Structural communication
  3. Therapeutic communication
  4. Formal communication

84) The contraindications of Induction of Labour includes the following, EXCEPT:-

  1. Placenta Praevia
  2. Fetal Macrosomia
  3. Cord presentation
  4. Cephalopelvic disproportion

85) In which among the following situation we can observe elevation in jugular venous pressure?

  1. Normal physical exam
  2. Cardiac tamponade
  3. Constrictive pericarditis
  4. Myocarditis

86) The risk factors of sensorineural impairment includes the following:-

  1. Family history of sensorineural impairment
  2. Congenital malformations of the cranial structures
  3. Chronic expoure to loud noise
  4. Recurrent ear infection
  1. a, b, c
  2. b, c, d
  3. a, b, d
  4. a, c, d

87) The following are the types of autoclave , EXCEPT:-

  1. Simple iron jacketed
  2. Low pressure low temperature
  3. High pressure High vacuum
  4. High pressure low vacuum

88) The first mechanical computer, designed by Charles Babbage was called as:-

  1. Mechanical computer
  2. Analytical engine
  3. Processing engine
  4. Operating machine

89) Two years ago, Dinesh was twice as old as his brother Ramesh. Two years later, Dinesh will be twice as old as Ramesh. Find the Present age of Ramesh.

  1. 14
  2. 12
  3. 4
  4. 2

90) Find the missing number.


  1. 320
  2. 332
  3. 327
  4. 340

91) Which of the following artificial ventilation mode is best suitable for a patient with respiratory arrest?

  1. Continuous positive airway pressure
  2. Controlled mandatory ventilation
  3. Assistant controlled mandatory ventilation
  4. Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation

92) Choose the correct alternative in place of a question mark.

  1. ELRI
  2. EQYI
  3. QEYI
  4. EQIY

93) Which of the following is not a member of BRICS?

  1. Brazil
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Indonesia

94) The planning approach in which budgets and project schedules that are designed for a specific purpose and time frame is called:-

  1. Contingency planning
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Fiscal planning
  4. Operational planning

95) The benign changes in elderly skin includes the following,

  1. Cherry angiomas
  2. Telangiectasis
  3. Spider angiomas
  4. Pseudoxanthoma elastics

96) Which phase of the nurse-patient relationship focuses to develop clarity about the patient’s preconceptions and expectations of nurses and develop acceptance of each other and respond to people who can offer help is?

  1. Orientation Phase
  2. Working Phase
  3. Exploitation phase
  4. Termination phase

97) Modelling is a form of social harming and is called as:-

  1. Classical conditioning
  2. Operant conditioning
  3. Observational learning
  4. Learning

98) Factors that influence recovery in the therapeutic community are the following, EXCEPT:-

  1. Interaction between client and the environment
  2. Motivation and readiness of the patient
  3. Realistic approach between the patient and the
  4. Lifestyle changes that occur in therapeutic community

99) For gavage feeding of the infant, the following equipment are needed:-

  1. a rubber silicon feeling tube
  2. a 10 to 14 french catheter
  3. a nonallergic tape to mark the distance on the tube
  4. water – soluble lubricant
  1. a,b,c
  2. b,c,d
  3. a,c,d
  4. a,b,c,d

100) Regarding conducting system of the heart, Identify the WRONG statement:-

  1. SA node is the mass of specialised cells in the wall of right atrium
  2. AV is a mass of neuromuscular tissue situated in the wall of the atrial septum
  3. AV node is the pacemaker of the heart
  4. Bundle of His is a mass of specialised fibres that originate from the AV node

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