Jipmer Staff Nurse Question Paper 2013 Set – A

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research is a Medical 2022 Question Paper & Answer Keys Download SET – A

Jipmer Staff Nurse Question Paper 2013 Set – A

Q.1) Which one of the following indices a nurse has to consider as an indicator of good nutrition?

(A) Albumin levs] 2.5 gm/dl

(B) Pre-albumin level 18 mg/dl

(C) Transferrin level 244 mg/dl

(D) Total lymphocytes 1900/microliter

Correct Answer: Total lymphocytes 1900/microliter


Q.2) Before endotracheal intubation some facts about trachea a nurse has to understand and all the following are true regarding trachea EXCEPT.

(A) It’s about 13 cm long

(B) It bifurcates into two major bronchi

(C) It starts at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra

(D) It ends at the level of the sternal angle of Louis

Correct Answer: It starts at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra



Q.3) When assessing a patient with appendicitis how a nurse must initiate to get information?

(A) Tell me how you are feeling

(B) Tell me where is the pain

(C) Tell me relief of pain with what

(D) Tell me whether cough aggravates pain

Correct Answer: Tell me how you are feeling





Q.4) Which guideline a nurse has to follow when caring for pressure sore?

(A) Wound must remain moist

(B) Tight packing of the wound

(C) Dressing to dry before removal

(D) Plastic sheet type of dressing for cover

Correct Answer: Dressing to dry before removal




Q.5) What should be the position of the limb, a nurse should maintain in a patient who had undergone right hip prosthesis surgery?

(A) Adduction

(B) Abduction

(C) Flexion

(D) Neutral

Correct Answer: Neutral




Q.6) When a post-operative patient develops evisceration what a nurse should do?

(A) Provide moral support

(B) Ask patient to drink more water

(C) Push the protruding organs inside

(D) Cover the protruding organs

Correct Answer: Cover the protruding organs




Q.7) A nurse is caring for an old lady with osteoarthritis and ail the following facts are true regarding osteoarthritis EXCEPT


(B) Tophi

(C) Subcutaneous nodules

(D) Pain on moving the joint

Correct Answer: Tophi




Q.8) How a nurse will leach breathing exercise for a patient with chronic bronchitis?

(A)Use chest breathing

(B) Use diaphragmatic breathing

(C) Use open mouth breathing

(D) Use deep inhalation breathing

Correct Answer: Use diaphragmatic breathing




Q.9) A nurse caring for a head injury comatose patient. Winch intervention he/she should implement to prevent increased intracranial pressure?

(A) Maintain well-lit room

(B) Maintain round the clock suctioning

(C) Change the position round the clock

(D) Elevate the head end of the patient

Correct Answer: Elevate the head end of the patient




Q.10) What recommendation a nurse should give to 55 yr old patient with blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg?

(A) It is normal BP for your age

(B) Recheck your BP 2 weeks later

(C) Recheck your BP after 6 months

(D) Recheck your BP after 1 year

Correct Answer: Recheck your BP 2 weeks later




Q.11) A nurse is caring an anemic patient. What finding should suggest her that it is acute blood loss anemia?

(A) Exertional dyspnea

(B) Easy fatigue on exertion

(C) Bradycardia at rest

(D) Postural hypotension

Correct Answer: Postural hypotension



Q.12) Which patient is having a very high risk for developing ovarian cancer?

(A) 30 yrs old on oral contraceptives

(B) 36 yrs old who had first child at 22 yrs

(C) 45 yrs old who was never been pregnant

(D) 10 yrs old who had 5 alive children, 1 abortion

Correct Answer: 45 yrs old who was never been pregnant




Q.13) Which joint movement is restricted in a patient with pericapsulitis of shoulder?

(A) Adduction

(B) Abduction

(C) Flexion

(D) Extension

Correct Answer: Abduction




Q.14) Maternity nurse, must be aware that screening for Diabetes inellitus in pregnancy is done at

(A) 6 to 17 weeks

(B) 18 to 23 weeks

(C) 24 to 28 weeks

(D) 29 to 32 weeks

Correct Answer: 24 to 28 weeks



Q.15) Neonate of diabetic mother is at risk for all the following EXCEPT

(A) Hypoglycemia

(B) Hypocalcemia

(C) Hyperglycemia

(D) Hyperbilirubinimia

Correct Answer: Hyperbilirubinimia



Q.16) Before giving blood transfusion a nurse must note the date, time of collection and must be aware that Packed RBC’s can be stored up to

(A) 25 days

(B) 35 days

(C) 45 days

(D) 55 days

Correct Answer: 35 days



Q.17) A nurse was called to see a patient with noisy breathing. She suspects laryngospasm with stridor and it occurs commonly with

(A) Hyperkalemia

(B) Hypercalcemia

(C) Hypokalemia

(D) Hypocalcemia

Correct Answer: Hypocalcemia



 Q.18) Nurse working in an operation theatre must know, the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about

(A) 1 : 100

(B) 1 : 200

(C) 1 : 300

(D) 1 : 400

Correct Answer: 1 : 300



Q.19) A nurse is caring for a patient with ‘Swine Flu’ and she has to give the Drug of choice for ‘Swine Flu’ and it is

(A) Acyclovir

(B) Adefovir

(C) Cidofovir

(D) Oseltamivir

Correct Answer: Oseltamivir



Q.20) A nurse is taking care of a patient with DVT and she must be aware that venous emboli will be lodged in

(A) Heart

(A) Lungs

(A) Liver

(A) Kidneys

Correct Answer: Lungs



Q.21) Hyaline membrane disease of an infant is due to deficiency of surfactant and the source of pulmonary surfactant is

(A) Alveolar macrophages

(B) Capillary endothelium

(C) Pneumonocytes type 1

(D) Pneumonocytes type 2

Correct Answer: Pneumonocytes type 2




Q.22) Which one of the following is a DNA Virus ?

(A) Hepatitis A

(B) Hepatitis B

(C) Hepatitis C

(D) Hepatitis D

Correct Answer: Hepatitis B



Q.23) To do percussion and postural drainage of lungs in bronchiectasis. What body position of the patient, a nurse should use?

(A) Supine position

(B) Prone position

(C) Decubitus position

(D) Semi fowlers position

Correct Answer: Prone position



Q.24) Patient on enalepril and diuretic therapy for heart failure. Nurse should notify the Physician that the therapy is not effective when she finds

(A) Dry cough

(B) Skin rash

(C) Edema legs

(D) Postural fall in B.P.

Correct Answer: Edema legs



Q.25) Thirty year old patient has an ulcer over lateral malleolus. Nurse caring for this patient understands, the pain of the patient is due to

(A) Edema

(B) Exudate

(C) Infection

(D) Ischemia

Correct Answer: Ischemia



Q.26) Nurse caring for a retro positive patient with Molluscum Contagiosum. This secondary infection is caused by

(A) Pox Virus

(B) Papilloma Virus

(C) Epstein Barr Virus

(D) Herpes Simplex Virus

Correct Answer: Pox Virus



Q.27) Nurse is about to insert Ryle’s Tube for a patient. Before this act she must be aware of the distance between incisor teeth and Gastro esophageal junction. Which of the following is correct distance?

(A) 30 cm

(B) 40 cm

(C) 50 cm

(D) 60 cm

Correct Answer: 40 cm



Q.28) A nurse can decontaminate the HIV contaminated waste products with ail the following, EXCEPT

(A) Formaldehyde

(B) Methanol

(C) Glutaraldehyde

(D) Sodium hypochlorite

Correct Answer: Methanol



Q.29) Twenty five yrs old male patient had sweating, palpitations and found to have blood sugar of 45mg/dl. Multiple similar episodes had been recorded in the past, corrected with glucose. Nurse caring for this patient should consider which one of the following diagnosis?

(A) VIP oma

(B) Insulinoma

(C) Gastrinoma

(D) Glucaganoma

Correct Answer: Insulinoma



Q.30) Nurse is about to catheterize bladder of a pregnant lady. She should be aware that all the following facts about female urethra are true, EXCEPT

(A) It is about 1.5 inches in length

(B) It’s posterior to vaginal orifice

(C) It’s pierces- thro’ urogenital diaphragm

(D) It is straight and offers minor resistance for catheterization

Correct Answer: It’s posterior to vaginal orifice



Q.31) Physician wants central venous catheterization. Nurse has to know which vein he should make use of

(A) Radial vein

(B) Femoral vein

(C) Basilic vein

(D) Cephalic vein

Correct Answer: Basilic vein




Q.32) Twenty five year old lactating woman presented with fever, acute breast pain and swelling. Which one of the following organisms cause this acute breast problem?

(A) Streptococcus

(B) Staphylococcus

(C) Enterococcus

(D) Pneumococcus

Correct Answer: Staphylococcus



Q.33) Nurse caring for a patient with breast mass may have to know that all the following facts are true regarding fibroadenoma of breast EXCEPT

(A) Rubbery, non-tender mass

(B) Moves freely inside breast

(C) Occurs in postmenopausal women

(D) No treatment/excision biopsy is usually done

Correct Answer: Occurs in postmenopausal women



Q.34) Nurse has to council a pregnant lady regarding puerperium. She has to suggest the patient, the normal duration of puerperium. Which one of the following is normal duration of puerperium?

(A) 2 weeks

(B) 4 weeks

(C) 6 weeks

(D) 8 weeks

Correct Answer: 6 weeks



Q.35) All the following are complications of twin pregnancy EXCEPT

(A) Abortion

(B) Post maturity

(C) Low birth weight

(D) Congenital malformations

Correct Answer: Post maturity



Q.36) Pre renal failure occurs in

(A) Heart failure

(B) Nephrolithiasis

(C) Toxic nephropathy

(D) Glomerulonephritis

Correct Answer: Heart failure




Q.37) Islets of Langerhans are concentrated in which portion of Pancreas?

(A) Head

(B) Body

(C) Tail

(D) Uncinate process

Correct Answer: Tail



Q.38) Hyper functioning of Anterior pituitary in pre-pubertal children causes

(A) Gigantism

(B) Acromegaly

(C) Addison’s disease

(D) Cushing’s disease

Correct Answer: Gigantism



Q.39) All the following are associated with increased chance of acquiring HIV infection in women EXCEPT

(A) Chlamydia infection

(B) Bacterial Vaginosis

(C) Herpes simplex infection

(D) Trichomonas vaginalis infection

Correct Answer: Trichomonas vaginalis infection



Q.40) Nurse caring a high risk pregnant lady with heart disease, must know, which one of the following valvular lesions cause death during labor?

(A) Aortic stenosis

(B) Aortic regurgitation

(C) Mitral stenosis

(D) Mitral regurgitation

Correct Answer: Mitral stenosis



Q.41) Which one of the following cancer that does not metastasize commonly to liver?

(A) Breast

(B) Lung

(C) Colon

(D) Prostate

Correct Answer: Prostate



Q.42) Direct action of parathyroid hormone include everything EXCEPT

(A) Increased resorption of calcium from bone

(B) Increased absorption of calcium from intestine

(C) Increased reabsorption of calcium from kidney

(D) Increased production of 1, 25 dihydroxy Vitamin D

Correct Answer: Increased absorption of calcium from intestine




Q.43) All the following cancers have infective etiology EXCEPT

(A) Squamous carcinoma of penis

(B) Squamous carcinoma of lung

(C) Burkit’s lymphoma

(D) Kaposi’s sarcoma

Correct Answer: Squamous carcinoma of lung



Q.44) All are true regarding Vitamin A EXCEPT

(A) It is found in green leafy vegetables

(B) High dose in pregnancy is teratogenic

(C) Supplementation reduce mortality in measles

(D) Supplementation reduce morbidity in diarrhea

Correct Answer: It is found in green leafy vegetables



Q.45) What is the best way to he adapted by a nurse to avoid hematoma formation when undertaking venipuncture?

(A) Choose a vein that is soft and refills fast

(B) Tap the vein hard before venipuncture

(C) Apply firm pressure for 1 minute after procedure

(D) Apply heparin containing ointment after procedure

Correct Answer: Choose a vein that is soft and refills fast




Q.46) Nurse giving oxygen therapy should know that it has to be humidified because

(A) Oxygen is a hot air and it may burn trachea

(B) Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucus

(C) Oxygen gets cleaned of pathogens by humidification

(D) Oxygen is easily absorbed because humidification add H-ion to it

Correct Answer: Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucus



Q.47) Nurse engaged in suction process of Tracheostomy in situ patient, who requires frequent suctioning. How long she should do suctioning every time?

(A)15 seconds

(B) 30 seconds

(C) 45 seconds

(D) 60 seconds

Correct Answer: 15 seconds



Q.48) Nurse taking care of a pregnant lady is being asked about when to start breast feeding. What should be her appropriate reply?

(A) 2 hrs after delivery

(B) 4 hrs after delivery

(C) 6 hrs after delivery

(D) 8 hrs after delivery

Correct Answer: 2 hrs after delivery



Q.49) A nurse must be aware that eating Maize alone may lead onto

(A) Beri-Beri

(B) Pellagra

(C) Scurvy

(D) Phrynoderma

Correct Answer: Pellagra




Q.50) A nurse observes palmar erythema and she understands that it is met within

(A) Cardiac failure

(B) Renal failure

(C) Hepatic failure

(D) Adrenal failure

Correct Answer: Hepatic failure



Q.51) When helping a stroke patient nurse should assist

(A) On weak side

(B) On strong side

(C) From behind

(D) From back

Correct Answer: On weak side



Q.52) To avoid pulling (he urinary catheter nurse should tape the catheter on patient’s

(A) Upper thigh

(B) Lower thigh

(C) Hind leg

(D) Foot

Correct Answer: Upper thigh



Q.53) Sixteen-year-old primi-gravida  patient, admitted with severe pregnancy-induced hypertension is given intravenous magnesium sulfate. The nurse should obtain which one of the following information?

(A) Urinary output every 8 hours

(B) Deep tendon reflexes every 4 hours

(C) Respiratory rate every hour

(D) Blood pressure every 6 hours

Correct Answer: Respiratory rate every hour




Q.54) Which one of the following nursing measures would be most appropriate in the care of the patient who has acute epistaxis?

(A) Tilt the patient’s head back

(B) Place the patient’s head between his legs

(C) Pinch the nose and have the patient lean forward

(D) Place warm compresses on the patient’s nasal bridge

Correct Answer: Pinch the nose and have the patient lean forward



Q.55) Which of the following actions would a nurse take first when caring for a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest?

(A) Initiate cardiac monitoring

(B) Provide intravenous access

(C) Establish an open airway

(D) Obtain a pulse oximetry reading

Correct Answer: Establish an open airway



Q.56) When caring for a patient who has intermittent claudication, nurse advises the patient to

(A) Apply graduated compression stockings

(B) Elevate the legs when sitting

(C) Refrain from vigorous exercise

(D) Walk as much as tolerated

Correct Answer: Walk as much as tolerated



Q.57) A lethargic patient has fever, vomiting, headache and the nurse has to prepare him for which one of the following procedure?

(A) Blood culture

(B) Lumbar puncture

(C) CAT scan

(D) Ultra sound exam

Correct Answer: Lumbar puncture



Q.58) An active male patient who weighs 180 lb (81.65 kg) has undergone dietary instruction. The patient reports that his current diet consists of 60 g of fat, 200 mg of cholesterol, and 5 g of sodium per day. What a nurse advises the patient to do?

(A) Increase his cholesterol

(B) Increase his sodium

(C) Decrease his cholesterol

(D) Decrease his sodium

Correct Answer: Decrease his sodium



Q.59) A fifty five-year-old male patient who is diagnosed with an evolving myocardial infarction (MI) insists on going home. The nurse encourages the patient to be admitted, because the greatest risk within the first 24 hours of sustaining an MI is

(A) Heart failure

(B) Sudden death

(C) Pulmonary embolism

(D) Ventricular aneurysm

Correct Answer: Sudden death




Q.60) Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a patient with chronic venous insufficiency?

(A) Activity Intolerance

(B) Body Image, disturbed

(C) Fluid Volume, deficient

(D) Skin Integrity, impaired

Correct Answer: Skin Integrity, impaired




Q.61) Which condition places a patient with cardiac illness at increased risk of sudden death?

(A) Depression

(B) Anxiety

(C) Bulimia

(D) Chest pain

Correct Answer: Depression




Q.62) Nurse working in an ICU must be aware of the ratio of chest compression to ventilation in CPR procedure is

(A) 12:1

(B) 12:2

(C) 15:1

(D) 15:2

Correct Answer: 15:2



Q.63) How long should a nurse wait after taking cold milk for recording oral temperature?

(A) 5 to 10 mts

(B) 10 to 20 mts

(C) 20 to 30 mts

(D) 30 to 40 mts

Correct Answer: 10 to 20 mts



Q.64) Maternal death rate is expressed deaths per

(A) 1,000 live births

(B) 1,000 pregnancies

(C) 10,000 live births

(D) 10,000 pregnancies

Correct Answer: 10,000 live births



Q.65) Which type of solution causes water to shift from cells to plasma?

(A) Alkaline

(B) Isotonic

(C) Hypotonic

(D) Hypertonic

Correct Answer: Hypertonic



Q.66) Bleeding time is prolonged in all the following EXCEPT

(A) Viper bite

(B) Idiopathic thrombocytopenia

(C) Haemophilia A

(D) Von-willibrand disease

Correct Answer: Haemophilia A



Q.67) How much oxygen a nurse should give to a patient with chronic respiratory failure?

(A) 1 liter/mt with nasal prongs

(B) 2 liters/mt with nasal mask

(C) 10 liters/mt with nasal mask

(D) 12 liters/mt with nasal prongs

Correct Answer: 2 liters/mt with nasal mask



Q.68) All the factors aid in venous return to the heart EXCEPT

(A) Negative intrathoracic pressure

(B) One way valves in the veins

(C) Left ventricular contraction

(D) Squeezing action of major muscles

Correct Answer: Left ventricular contraction




Q.69) All the following enzymes are secreted by gastrointestinal system EXCEPT

(A) Ptyalin

(B) Pepsin

(C) Chymotrypsin

(D) Angiotensin

Correct Answer: Angiotensin



Q.70) While recording Intake Output nurse has to consider Insensible water loss from human body and the normal is

(A) 200 ml

(B) 400 ml

(C) 800 ml

(D) 1000 ml

Correct Answer: 800 ml



Q.71) The nurse is caring for several mother-baby couplets. In planning the care for each of the couplets, which mother would the nurse expect to have, the most severe after birth pains?

(A) G 4, P 1 patient who is breast-feeding her infant

(B) G 3, P 3 patient who is breast-feeding her infant

(C) G 2, P 2 cesarean patient who is bottle – feeding her infant

(D) G 3, P 3 patient who is bottle- feeding her infant

Correct Answer: G 3, P 3 patient who is breast-feeding her infant




Q.72) Assuming the menstrual cycle length as 32 days and LMP as June 10th. Which of the following is most likely due date?

(A) March 12

(B) March 17

(C) March 21

(D) March 27

Correct Answer: March 21



Q.73) Thirty yr old female complained of wetting her dress while coughing. Which one of the following conditions a nurse should suspect?

(A) Cystocele

(B) Rectocele

(C) Entcrocele

(D) Urethrocele

Correct Answer: Cystocele




Q.74) Which one of the following is NOT a described type of female bony pelvis?

(A) Android

(B) Gynecoid

(C) Obstetroid

(D) Anthropoid

Correct Answer: Obstetroid




Q.75) Benefits of breast feeding include all EXCEPT

(A) It provides nutrients

(B) Colostrum provides a high level of immune protection

(C) Less prone for gastrointestinal infections

(D) It provides adequate Iron for premature new horn

Correct Answer: It provides adequate Iron for premature new horn




Q.76) Which IUCD needs to be replaced only after 10 years?

(A) Copper T 200

(B) Progestasert

(C) CU-T380A

(D) Nova T

Correct Answer: CU-T380A



Q.77) Aspermia is the term used to describe

(A) Absence of semen

(B) Absence of sperm

(C) Presence of abnormal sperms

(D) Absence of sperm motility

Correct Answer: Absence of semen



Q.78) Which factor is most closely associated with successful smoking cessation?

(A) Enrollment in a short-term support group

(B) Lack of reliance on nicotine gum as a secondary intervention

(C) Preparation of a plan to deal with potential relapses

(D) Reliance on a single intervention

Correct Answer: Preparation of a plan to deal with potential relapses




Q.79) A newly married healthy couple is asking for the best method of contraception and which one of the following methods a nurse will advice?

(A) Barrier method

(B) Rhythm method

(C) Intrauterine devices

(D) Combined oral pills

Correct Answer: Combined oral pills



Q.80) All are high risk factors for endometrial carcinoma EXCEPT

(A) Obesity

(B) Multiparity

(C) Diabetes

(D) Exogenous estrogen

Correct Answer: Multiparity



Q.81) Oxygenated blood enter the fetal circulation from umbilical vein via

(A) Ductus venosus

(B) Ductus arteriosus

(C) Intra hepatic vein

(D) Intra hepatic artery

Correct Answer: Ductus venosus



Q.82) Persistent generalized lymph-adenopathy, is caused by





Correct Answer: HIV



Q.83) Which one of the following viruses cause post transfusion hepatitis?

(A) Hepatitis A

(B) Hepatitis B

(C) Hepatitis C

(D) Hepatitis D

Correct Answer: Hepatitis C




Q.84) What is the usual site of intramuscular injection a nurse will choose in an adult for Z-track technique?

(A) Deltoid

(B) Rectus Femoris

(C) Ventrogluteal

(D) Vastus lateralis

Correct Answer: Ventrogluteal



Q.85) How a nurse will have to collect urine sample for culture from urinary collecting system?

(A) With needle aspiration

(B)Empty urine from bag

(C)Collect from catheter

(D)Disconnect bag and collect

Correct Answer: With needle aspiration



Q.86) All the following hormones are secreted by anterior pituitary EXCEPT

(A) GH




Correct Answer: GRH



Q.87) Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) tests, mean glucose levels

(A) Over 2 days

(B) Over 14 days

(C) Over 30 days

(D) Over 90 days

Correct Answer: Over 90 days



Q.88) How do you know that intercostal drainage tube is functioning?

(A) Continuous bubbling in waterseal bottle

(B) Continuous bubbling from suction tube

(C) Oscillation of water column in drainage bottle

(D) No bubbling in the drainage bottle

Correct Answer: Oscillation of water column in drainage bottle




Q.89) A subjective feeling about what is right or wrong, in psychiatric medicine is said to be

(A) Values

(B) Morality

(C) Religion

(D) Bioethics

Correct Answer: Morality




Q.90) Nurse has to apply erythromycin ointment to a newborn child. Which area of eye she is supposed place it?

(A) On the cornea

(B) Under the eyelid

(C) Lower conjunctiva

(D) Upper conjunctiva

Correct Answer: Lower conjunctiva



Q.91) Fluid overload in a patient may cause

(A) Angio edema

(B) Peripheral edema

(C) Pulmonary edema

(D) Cerebral edema

Correct Answer: Pulmonary edema



Q.92) All are true regarding H. Pylori infection EXCEPT

(A) Is gram positive bacteria

(B) Is eradicated by triple therapy

(C) Produces urease enzyme

(D) Causes Maltoma tumor

Correct Answer: Is gram positive bacteria



Q.93) Which one of the following statements by a patient with backache should alert the nurse?

(A) Pain on movement

(B) Pain radiating the leg

(C) Perineal anaesthesia

(D) Pain sensation lost in feet

Correct Answer: Perineal anaesthesia



Q.94) The purpose of lymph nodes is to trap

(A) Antigens

(B) Macrophages

(C) Hormones

(D) RBC’s

Correct Answer: Antigens



Q.95) Cytokines are chemical messengers, which

(A) Kill microorganisms

(B) Promote inflammation

(C) Cause severe pain

(D) Produce antibodies

Correct Answer: Promote inflammation




Q.96) The thymus related T cells

(A) Produce antibodies

(B) Produce NK cells

(C) Recognize B cells

(D) Recognize body’s own cells

Correct Answer: Recognize body’s own cells




Q.97) A nurse caring a patient on pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should assess them for

(A) Weight gain

(B) Hypertension

(C) Arrhythmias

(D) GIT irritation

Correct Answer: Weight gain



Q.98) H2 blocker of choice, in liver disease is

(A) Cimetidine

(B) Ranitidine

(C) Famotidine

(D) Nizatidine

Correct Answer: Nizatidine



Q.99) Cardiac muscle differ from skeletal muscle by

(A) It contains actin and myosin

(B) It has automaticity and conductivity

(C) It needs calcium for contraction

(D) It thrives without oxygen

Correct Answer: It has automaticity and conductivity




Q.100) The nurse explains to the mother of a neonate diagnosed with erythroblastosis fetalis, that the exchange transfusion is necessary to prevent damage to

(A) Liver

(B) Lungs

(C) Kidneys


Correct Answer: Brain





Candidates should read the following instructions carefully before answering questions:

  1. Check if all the pages in the question book and the answer sheet are intact and questions 1 to 100 are available. Check also the Serial No. of the question book and answer sheet. They should match.
  2. Only the BALLPOINT PEN that is provided to write/mark in the answer sheet.
  3. Write your ROLL NUMBER in the box above.
  4. The questions are of single best response – multiple-choice type. FOUR suggested answers or completions labeled A. B, C and D follow each question or incomplete statement. ONE of them is MOST APPROPRIATE. Select the most appropriate answer and darken the corresponding circle in the answer sheet.
  5. Only ONE answer is to be marked for each question. Think carefully and answer. No correction is feasible as you will be marking with a pen. If more than one circle is darkened, the answer will be deemed to be incorrect.
  6. The correct response will be given 4 marks. Negative marks will be given for incorrect responses. For every incorrect response, 1 mark will be deducted.
  7. Rough work if any may be done on the blank pages provided in the question book. Don’t write or disfigure this question or answer book.
  8. 9 This book should be RETURNED INTACT at the end of examination failing which the Applicant’s Candidature is liable to be canceled.


Jipmer Staff Nurse Question Paper 2013 Set – A Answer Keys Download 

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