Jipmer Nursing Officer Question Paper 2018

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Jipmer Nursing Officer Question Paper 2018 Memory based Questions

Q.1) Which type of virus is a DNA virus?

(A) Hepatitis A

(B) Hepatitis B

(C) Hepatitis C

(D) Hepatitis D

Correct Answer: Hepatitis B


Q.2) Which joint movement is restricted in a patient with peri capsulitis of the shoulder?

(A) Abduction

(B) Adduction

(C) Flexion

(D) Extension

Correct Answer:

Correct Answer:  Adduction


Q.3) A Nurse is caring for an anemic patient, what finding suggests that acute blood loss occurs?

(A) Easy fatigue on exertion

(B) Bradycardia at rest

(C) Postural hypotension

(D) Exertions dyspnea

Correct Answer: Postural hypotension


Q.4) A maternity nurse must be aware that screening tests for diabetes during pregnancy are done?

(A) 24 to 28 wks.

(B) 6 to 17 wks.

(C) 16 to 24 wks.

(D) 28 to 38 wks.

Correct Answer: 24 to 28 wks.


Q.5) Maternal death rate is expressed death per-

(A) 1000 live birth

(B) 1000 pregnancies

(C) 10000 live birth

(D) 10000 pregnancies

Correct Answer:   1000 pregnancies


Q.6) A Nurse is assessing a patient with Noisy breathing, she suspects laryngospasmic stardor, these findings is associated with?

(A) Hypokalemia

(B) Hyperkalemia

(C) Hypercalcemia

(D) Hypocalcemia

Correct Answer: Hypocalcemia


Q.7) Which agent can use to decontaminate HIV-infected materials EXCEPT?

(A) Sodium hypo chloride

(B) Formaldehyde

(C) Glut aldehyde

(D) Methanol

Correct Answer: Sodium hypo chloride


Q.8) Components of hyaline Membrane EXCEPT?

(A) Albumin

(B) Globulin

(C) Fibrinogen

(D) Fibrin

Correct Answer:  Fibrinogen



Q.9) What is Normal compression ventilation ratio in a Newborn.

(A) 3:1

(B) 12:2

(C) 30:2

(D) 1:3

Correct Answer: 3:1


Q.10) A nursing team leader divides specifics intervention to a team members, this type of action is –

(A) Functional nursing

(B) Medication functions

(C) Team Nursing

(D) Managing

Correct Answer: Functional nursing



Q.11) What is Normal cardiac Index?

(A) 2.1

(B) 3.8

(C) 5.8

(D) 0.6

Correct Answer: 3.8



Q.12) Which clotting factors are synthesized by vitamin K EXCEPT?

(A) Factor II

(B) Factor Xll

(C) Factor IX

(D) Factor VIE

Correct Answer: Factor Xll


Q.13) Which of the following cancer commonly NOT metastasize to liver?

(A) Breast

(B) Lung

(C) Prostate

(D) Colorectal

Correct Answer: Prostate



Q.14) A Nurse know that eating excessive Maize in diet May lead to?

(A) Beri-Beri

(B) Pellagra

(C) Scurvy

(D) Rickets

Correct Answer: Pellagra


Q.15) Which type to solution cause water shift from tissue to blood stem?

(A) Isotonic

(B) Hypotonic

(C) Hypertonic

(D) Alkaloid

Correct Answer: Hypertonic

Q.16) Which assessment findings suggests Cardiac Arrest?

(A) Absence carotid pulse

(B) Tachycardia

(C) Absence radial pulse

(D) Hypotension

Correct Answer: Absence carotid pulse


Q.17) How much Oxygen should be given to a patient with chronic respiratory failure?

(A) 1 L/Min by nasal prong

(B) 2 1/Min via nasal mask

(C) lOL/Min by nasal mask

(D) 12L/Min by nasal mask

Correct Answer:  1 L/Min by nasal prong


Q.18) All enzymes are secretes in GI system EXCEPT?

(A) Pepsin

(B) Trypsin

(C) Chymotrypsin

(D) Angiotensin

Correct Answer: Angiotensin


Q.19) Rapid administration of insulin May lead to?

(A) Hyponatremia

(B) Hypernatremia

(C) Hypokalemia

(D) Hyperkalemia

Correct Answer:  Hypokalemia



Q.20) Blood cells formation occurs in adults?

(A) Flat bones

(B) Long bones

(C) Spleen

(D) Liver

Correct Answer:  Long bones


Q.21) Which of the following cancer have infective etiology EXCEPT?

(A) Burkitt’s lymphoma

(B) Kaposi’s sarcoma

(C) Squamous carcinoma of lungs

(D) Squamous carcinoma of penis

Correct Answer: Squamous carcinoma of lungs


Q.22) All of following are high risk factors for endometrial carcinoma EXCEPT?

(A) Obesity

(B) Multiparity

(C) Diabetes

(D) Exogenous estrogen

Correct Answer: Diabetes


Q.23) Spurious high BP is Observed in ?

(A) Obesity

(B) Small cuff size

(C) Thick blood vessels

(D) Systolic gap

Correct Answer:   Thick blood vessels



Q.24) Which of the following lab values are observed in a patient with enalapril?

(A) Serum potassium

(B) Serum calcium

(C) Serum Sodium

(D) Serum magnesium

Correct Answer: Serum potassium


Q.25) Position given to a patient with dyspnea?

(A) Supine

(B) Prone

(C) Head end elevated

(D) Trendelenburg position

Correct Answer: Head end elevated


Q.26) Colour code of sample collecting for hematological examination?

(A) Red

(B) Blue.

(C) Green.

(D) Purple

Correct Answer:  Purple


Q.27) A pregnant lady states that last menstruation starts on 10 March and assuming menstrual cycle length 32 days, calculate the expected date of delivery?

(A) January 7

(B) December 17

(C) January 17

(D) December 10

Correct Answer:  December 17


Q.28) Which side is used for DPT vaccine administration in a 18 months old child?

(A) Deltoid

(B) Vastus latrelus

(C) Ractus femorlis

(D) Ventro gluital

Correct Answer:  Vastus latrelus



Q.29) To find out the glucose controls or 3 months in a pregnant women, the best method is?

(A) HbA1c




Correct Answer: HbA1c



Q.30) Byssinosis is Caused by inhalation of?

(A) Sugarcan dust

(B) Cotton dust

(C) Lithium

(D) Lead

Correct Answer:  Cotton dust


Q.31) Route of administration of Measles vaccine?

(A) ID

(B) SC

(C) IM

(D) IV

Correct Answer:  SC

Q.32) Storage of polio vaccine is at?

(A) -20°C

(B) +20°C

(C) -10°C

(D) +15°C

Correct Answer: -20°C


Q.33) A patient undergoes pumonotomy is trCorrect Answer:  ports to post operative ward, which position is Given to this patient during post operative care?

(A) Left lateral

(B) Right lateral

(C) Towards affected side

(D) Elevated head

Correct Answer: Towards affected side


Q.34) During suctioning of a patient the Nurse finds that heart rate is decreasing, what action should Taken by Nurse?

(A) Continue suctioning

(B) Ensure suction pressure limit to 20 sec

(C) Notify physician

(D) Stop suction and re-oxygenate patient

Correct Answer:  Stop suction and re-oxygenate patient


Q.35) Which of the following is side effect of haloperidol?

(A) Akathisia

(B) Tachycardia

(C) Agitation

(D) Aphonia

Correct Answer:  Akathisia

Q.36) Which complication may occurs in a patient if IV Phenytoin administrated rapidly?

(A) Hypotension

(B) Bradycardia

(C) Tachycardia

(D) Hypertension

Correct Answer:  Bradycardia


Q.37) Nurse is about to catharize of bladder of pregnant lady, the nurse aware that all facts about female urethra are true EXCEPT?

(A) It is posterior to vaginal wall

(B) It is 1.5 inches in length

(C) It is straight and offers minor resistance during catheterization.

(D) If s pierce urogenital diaphragm.

Correct Answer:  If s pierce urogenital diaphragm.


Q.38) A Nurse caring to a pregnant lady, she asked to nurse when start breast feeding following delivery, the appropriate reply of Nurse is-

(A) 2 hours after delivery

(B) 6 hours after delivery

(C) 4 hours after delivery

(D) 8 hours after delivery

Correct Answer:  2 hours after delivery


Q.39) When helping a stoke patient, the nurse should assist-.

(A) Strong side

(B) Weak side

(C) From behind

(D) From back

Correct Answer:  Weak side

Q.40) To avoid pulling of the urinary catheter, tape the catheter on patient’s-

(A) Upper thigh

(B) Foot

(C) Lower thigh

(D) Hind legs

Correct Answer:   Upper thigh


Q.41) A 16 years primigravida admitted with severe PIH, is giving IV MgSo4, the nurse should Obtain which of the following information?

(A) Urinary output 40ml per hour

(B) Deep tendons reflex

(C) Respiratory rate below 12

(D) Blood pressure 180/110 mmHg

Correct Answer:  Respiratory rate below 12


Q.42) Which one is appropriate nursing measure during acute epistaxis.?

(A) Tilt the patient head back

(B) Place warm compression on patient’s nasal bridge

(C) Pinch the nose and lead forward patient’s head

(D) Place the patient’s head below legs

Correct Answer: Pinch the nose and lead forward patient’s head



Q.43) Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a patient with chronic venous insufficiency?

(A) Impaired skin turgor

(B) Fluid volume deficit

(C) Body image disturbance

(D) Activity intolerance

Correct Answer:  Impaired skin turgor

Q.44) Serious haemorrhaging has resulted in the patient experiencing a fluid and electrolyte imbalance. How should the nurse respond?

(A) Initiate intravenous (IV) therapy.

(B) Order blood for transfusions.

(C) Remove and reapply any dressings.

(D) Monitor vital signs every 15 minutes.

Correct Answer:   Monitor vital signs every 15 minutes.



Q.45) Which Nursing guidance a nurse should follow when caring for pressure sore?

(A) Wound must remain moist

(B) Tight packing

(C) Dressing to dry before removal

(D) Plastic sheet type dehiscence cover

Correct Answer:  Plastic sheet type dehiscence cover


Q.46) When a patient develops evisceration in postoperative period, what should nurse do?

(A) Cover protruding organs

(B) Provide moral support

(C) Push protruding organs inside

(D) Ask the patient’s to drink more water

Correct Answer:  Cover protruding organs


Q.47) How a Nurse teach breathing exercises to a client with chronic bronchitis?

(A) Use open mouth breathing

(B) Use chest breathing

(C) Use diaphragmic breathing

(D) Use deep inhalation breathing

Correct Answer:  Use diaphragmic breathing

Q.48) A Nurse caring a child with head injury, which findings make priority?

(A) Decreased level of consciousness

(B) Hypokinesia

(C) Bradycardia

(D) Tachycardia

Correct Answer:  Decreased level of consciousness



Q.49) Which factors is most closely associated with successful Smoking cessation?

(A) Patient enroll in short team group

(B) Lack of reliance on narcotic gum

(C) Focus on a single intervention

(D) Preparations to plan a potential supplement

Correct Answer:  Focus on a single intervention


Q.50) During transfers of a patient with chest tube drainage, which one is correct about drainage tube?

(A) Chest tube drainage place above chest level

(B) Remove chest tube

(C) Chest tube drainage place below chest level

(D) Clamp chest tube

Correct Answer:  Chest tube drainage place below chest level


Q.51) A newly married couple asked to a CHN for best contraceptive method, CHN advised to these couple-

(A) Condom

(B) Advantage and disadvantage of Cooper-T

(C) Combined hormonal pills

(D) Rhythm method

Correct Answer:  Combined hormonal pills



Q.52) Monoclonal antibody which have catalytic Activity?

(A) Ptyalin

(B) Enzyme.

(C) Abzyme.

(D) Lysozyme.

Correct Answer: Lysozyme


Q.53) Which of the following assessment findings need immediate attention in anaphylactic?

(A) Hypotension

(B) Airway construction

(C) Itching

(D) Cold clammy skin

Correct Answer:  Airway construction


Q.54) The Nurse caring a child and find that crust in eyes, which statement is true regarding cleaning of eyes?

(A) Clean from outer canthus to inner canthus

(B) Apply water direct

(C) Clean from inner canthus to outer canthus

(D) Pour water

Correct Answer:  Clean from inner canthus to outer canthus



Q.55) Effective temperature for sterilization by steam under pressure?

(A) 104° to 140°C

(B) 140° to 160°C

(C) 150° to 180°C

(D) 130° to 170°C

Correct Answer:  130° to 170°C


Q.56) Dilutes used in administration of drug phenytoin?

(A) 0.9% saline

(B) 3% saline

(C) 45% saline

(D) 3% saline with 5% dextrose

Correct Answer:  0.9% saline


Q.57) A women comes in immunization clinic for immunization of 4 years old child, the nurse see that inner squire is lighter then outer circle on VVM, what will Nurse?

(A) Discard the vile

(B) Use vaccine

(C) Put Back in vaccine container

(D) Report to supervisor

Correct Answer: Use vaccine



Q.58) Morphine sulphate is contraindicated in?

(A) Asthma

(B) Pancreatitis

(C) Ml

(D) Liver cirrhosis

Correct Answer:  Asthma


Q.59) Size of cannula for blood transfusion?

(A) 18G

(B) 20G

(C) 26G

(D) 22G

Correct Answer:  20G



Q.60) Normal Biparietal diameter of feral head?

(A) 9.5 cm

(B) 11cm

(C) 14 cm

(D) 8.5 cm

Correct Answer:  8.5 cm


Q.61) A CHN seen A pregnant lady who is anemic, Which Nursing action is appropriate-

(A) Refer immediate hospital

(B) Advise naturally available food rich in iron

(C) It is Normal

(D) Give Iron & folic acid tablet

Correct Answer:  Refer immediate hospital


Q.62) Which growth and development status is correct in a child?

(A) Birth weight 4 time in 2 years

(B) Hight double with in 2 years

(C) Head circumference and chest circumference equal at 3 years of age

(D) None of the above

Correct Answer:  Birth weight 4 time in 2 years


Q.63) Which value May lead to atherosclerosis and risk of heart diseases?

(A) Increased LDL

(B) Decreased LDL

(C) Decreased HDL

(D) Decreased VLDL

Correct Answer:  Increased LDL


Q.64) Which findings can assess by spirometry EXCEPT?

(A) forced Expiratory volume

(B) Tidal volume

(C) Residual volume

(D) Total lung capacity

Correct Answer:  Residual volume


Q.65) Advantage of using Insulin pen for insulin administration?

(A) Can load correct dose

(B) Low costly

(C) More effective then syringe

(D) Needle is small in gauze

Correct Answer:   Can load correct dose



Q.66) Which method is best method to assess hypoxia in a patient?

(A) Pulse oximetry


(C) Arterial gases analysis

(D) Tachycardia

Correct Answer:  Pulse oximetry


Q.67) A client breathing followed by a gradual decrease that results in a temporary stop in breathing. The pattern repeats with in 50 seconds, this type of respiration is-

(A) Kussmal’s respiration

(B) Cheyne stokes respiration

(C) Bradypnea

(D) Apnea

Correct Answer:  Cheyne stokes respiration


Q.68) Patient with continue enteral feeding what position given during feeding?

(A) Side lying

(B) Supine

(C) Fowler position

(D) Low fowler position!

Correct Answer:  Fowler position





Q.69) Physician prescribe Igm Ampicillin in 180ml fluid in one hour, calculate drop/min?

(A) 15

(B) 30

(C) 45

(D) 60

Correct Answer:  45



Q.70) Which patient have very high risk for developing ovarian cancer?

(A) 30 year old using contraceptive pills

(B) 36 years old first child at 22 years

(C) 45 years old women never pregnant

(D) 40 years old women 5 live birth and 1 abortion

Correct Answer: 45 years old women never pregnant


Q.71) Total blood supply to circle of villi from cardiac output?

(A) 15%

(B) 20%

(C) 25%

(D) 30%

Correct Answer:  15%



Q.72) One day following delivery a client have red color lochia with foul smell, which condition may suspects –

(A) It is Normal

(B) Indicates infection

(C) Postpartum hemorrhage

(D) Vaginal tear

Correct Answer:  Indicates infection


Q.73) A 32 weeks pregnant women admitted in hospital with the complaint of spasmodic pain on abdomen and board like abdomen…the Nurse suspects which condition?

(A) Placenta previa

(B) Eclampsia

(C) Abruptio placenta

(D) None of the above

Correct Answer: Abruptio placenta


Q.74) A Nurse is going to inserting a stomach tube for gavage, what is right method of measuring length of tube?

(A) Nose bridge to ear lobe then sternum

(B) Nose bridge to ear canthus to xiphoidprocess

(C) Nose bridge to ear canthus to sternum

(D) Nose bridge to ear canthus to abdomen

Correct Answer:  Nose bridge to ear canthus to xiphoidprocess


Jipmer Nursing Officer 2018 Question Paper & Answer Keys Download 

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