AIIMS Raipur Nursing Officer Exam 2017 Question Paper – 1st Shift

AIIMS Raipur Nursing Officer Exam 2017 Question Paper – 1st Shift

Exam Pattern Instructions

This 100-item examination includes various questions about Nursing practice and GK. We also recommend you to try our question reading section to know about all the answers.

This is a kind of previous questions mock test. The questions paper displayed is for practice purposes only.

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Aiims Raipur 2017 1st shift English Questions

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General Instructions:

  1. You have only one click to choose your answer that question will be locked with your proposed answer.
  2. Please read the instructions in examination carefully before given your answer carefully.
  3. The total duration of the exam is 90 minutes.
  4. If you have any doubts related to the question and other clarification comments them below.
  5. The question pattern display on the top of the screen will.
  6. All the red question denoted that you didn’t give the right answer these question
  7. Presently no negative marking in these questions but in final aims exam negative marking will be applied for you wrong answer so be careful.
  8. You can use your own pen pencil to solve this paper.
  9. All Questions set absolutely free for everyone with unlimited access to the practice section.
  10. Always maintain peace, discipline, and Silence during the examination process.

— Best for Luck —